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  1. Apparently on IOS, z-index is acting weird and i needed to add:

    .x-center, .x-centered {
    z-index: 999 !important;

    otherwise my MessageBox showed up behind everything. I don't know how...
  2. Hi, I am having trouble debugging this.

    When i do Ext.Msg.alert(...) in Chrome, Everything works fine.

    When i run it on IOS or Android. The background mask shows up but not the messagebox.
  3. I have a search route like: #seach/myquerytext

    in my controller i have defined a route like:
    routes: {
    'search/:query': {
    action: 'onSearch',
  4. If its still broken in ST 2.1 beta2, check if .x-tabbar-inner css position: static,
    for z-index to be set it must be relative or absolute
    <style> .x-tabbar > * { z-index: 1; position:...
  5. Alright i got this to work, sort of... Notice that my input tag is an "iframe". then you need to update everything when the component is painted because the "input.dom.contentDocument" doesn't get...
  6. I created a new Ext.field.Input that uses a div tag instead of input. i added the contenteditable attribute to it. but i cant get it to work. I am testing it in regular safari and i have looked at...
  7. Ahh. Nevermind you need to double escape those characters.


    conditions: { ':query': "[0-9a-zA-Z\.:&\\(\\)\\[\\] ]+"}
  8. I am trying capture urls with parenthesis and brackets..

    conditions: {
    ':query': "[0-9a-zA-Z\.:&\(\)\[\] ]+"

    doesn't work, in fact is seems to break the regular expression. I...
  9. Ahhh.. So i had made my Sheet a form, if i remove that it doesn't refresh. I want my search field to have the return button say "Search" it seems like this only work if it is inside a form.

    i am...
  10. Hi.

    I added a searchfield to my custom pickers titlebar, like so:

    items: [{
    xtype: 'searchfield',
  11. Ok, So i found what was causing the issue. It was in the model i had overridden the 'setData' method to push all the properties of the record in not just the one in the model.fields.

    Ok, so i...
  12. Didn't work not the issue, the [object Object]: undefined is getting add in the Store.insert method called by the Store.add method.

    specifically here:


    what is...
  13. Don't know how i missed this, but here is an example record:


    [object Object]: undefined // <--- THIS LOOK WRONG
    address: Object
    clientCorporation: Object
    entityId: 1424
  14. Nope, because i have overriden the load function and it make the request and the response gets handed to this function.
  15. Yeah, it is just taking the records returned and adding some addition fields to it. For intance, take firstName and lastName and add a new attribute fullName.

    in safari, when i console.log scope...
  16. The scope is the Store.
  17. I have overriden a Store so that i makes my on JSONP request and loads the data into the store in my own way.

    onLoadSuccess: function(resp, opts, scope) {
  18. I logged everything as i iterated through it. The map property is alphabetized in the console, but items and keys are not, they are in just some weird order. The order of the "all" property is...
  19. In my app i override a lot of the functionality of Model.

    config: {
  20. Replies
    aha.. I had some extraneous stuff in the config that seems to have been deprecated. i removed the stuff i had for sorting and set up my grouper like this:

    grouper: {
  21. Replies
    I have a list with the data ordered by date desc. I have setup the Grouping function to returns: Upcoming, Today, last week, last month, Older.

    But the Grouping seem to only put them in...
  22. I have an app that checks if a user is still authenticated, if not pushes them back to the login screen other wise dynamically loads the main app view. This works. but now that i am trying to...
  23. This doesn't make any sense to me. does "setActiveItem" push a view if it doesn't exist? What if i have a reusable view like "ProductDetails" that might have more than 1 of in my NavigationView?
  24. My question is how do you have the same URL know that it should pop a view rather then push a view? because if there isn't a way to do that then the Routes and Resurrect features seem rather limited...
  25. I am still using PR4, is this something that works only in the later versions?
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