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  1. Thanks Colin and Brendan, much appreciated.

    I'm unable to test the changes immediately sorry, as I've been re-prioritised with some other stuff in the short-term, but will let you know ASAP.
  2. We're also observing some performance problems using IE9 and IE8 with the charts.

    It's not an entirely fair test in our case though, as we're rendering a GXT3 chart within a GXT2 container.
  3. Combo boxes are great for selecting 1 item.. they're not typically suited for multi-selection.
    IMO, sounds like you're wanting a multi-select list. Have a look at the lists stuff in their examples....
  4. We're a Java development shop, and not so focused on making things look pretty, we're more about the business rules, and robustness, so our UI stuff always looked sub-par prior to GXT.

    Now we get...
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    Yeah that sort of thing...but going one step further, where if you make changes to the action instance after adding it to various controls, it takes an immediate effect.

    E.g. If you disable the...
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    Recently I've had to do some swing development.
    After having to develop in swing for a short while, I'm beginning to really appreciate the effort the GXT team has taken with their APIs, especially...
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    Perhaps I can help a little.

    With GXT 3.0, they're using appearances. A nice powerful mechanism that provides Compass/SASS like power, but in a more natural Java/GWT like way

    Take a look at...
  8. Without looking at your specific problem, this link might be of interest to you...

    In summary, it basically says you can still compile to java 1.5...
  9. In-case this of assistance...
    With Windows 7 + IE9, it doesn't always honor the nocache directives when loading the JS. IE9 on Vista did work.. a nice step backwards ahe.

    We append the...
  10. I've been testing GXT3 contained within our GXT2 based system, and it's been playing nice.
    If I remember correctly, I even tried adding a GXT2 component within the GXT3 container, and it still...
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    Cheers Sven
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    Well if I looked at the examples a little closer, I would have noticed the VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout :">
    If I'm not mistaken, they appear to have the same sizing abilities as RowLayout....
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    Looking at the developer preview 4 examples, I cannot see a RowLayout example.
    Is an example on its way, or are there newer better ways of doing the RowLayout like stuff?

    I particularly like the...
  14. I hate it when people "bump" threads, 5 minutes after posting. But thought this was a fair amount of time to..... *BUMP*

    Is this a confirmed bug? I was expecting there to be some feedback by now,...
  15. GWT Version: 2.1.0
    GXT Version: 2.2.1

    With a NumberField, I've limited the input to only allow Integers... (as described in the javadoc)

    NumberField numberField = new NumberField();...
  16. The class level documentation for TabItem says the Select event for a TabItem gets passed the previously selected tab, but I suspect that's a copy and paste from the Close event javadoc information....
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    sven: The problem Evgeny mentioned can easily be reproduced by using your live examples.
    Go to and make the month labels longer by editing...
  19. I think The_Jackall may be referring to existing customers who relied on the default max column size being 500, so after updating, they'll get wider columns in certain circumstances. I don't think...
  20. GXT 2.1.1,
    GWT 1.7.0,
    Affects all browsers and hosted mode.

    Javadoc for setAutoExpandMax says it defaults to 1000. But looking at the code, it appears to be defaulting to 500.
  21. Thanks for the prompt fix :)
  22. In case this is of use to others...

    As a short-term workaround I've created a temporary version of ColorMenu, that defines a customised ColorPalette object that supresses the NullPointerException....
  23. If I create a ColorMenu, assign custom colors to it, and render it


    ColorMenu colorMenu = new ColorMenu();
    colorMenu.getColorPalette().setColors( new String[] { "000000", "FFFFFF",...
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    I've got a temporary hack that appears to work for a TreeGrid atleast.

    When updating the model, disable firing of events

    treeGrid.getTreeStore().setFiresEvents( false...
  25. For others who are intereted...
    As a temporary fix, when idx == -1, I'm calculating the index position based on the calculations made in GridDropTarget.showFeedback().
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