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  1. I also see this issue after upgrading to 1.2.3 -
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    I'm doing something similar to this but am using dragEnter on the target.

    Here is an example from my app which prevents a duplicate item from being dropped into my list. (It's been sanitized a...
  3. Well the 3 of us could easily email the licensing alias (which was my plan if this was not answered) but it is apparent to me that this issue concerns the community as a whole.

    Further more this...
  4. I would also like to buy a support license, but need an official answer on this.
  5. This is still present in 1.2.2 --- has anyone had an opportunity to review this bug?
  6. Has anyone been able to verify this?
  7. When using a FormPanel with nested TabPanel items, form validation does not work correctly unless all Tab items have been viewed.

    GXT version : 1.2.1
    Browser and version : IE6
    Operating System :...
  8. I was able to get this to work with the following:

    province = new ComboBox<NameValueData>();
  9. It is working as designed, but I believe the logic to be incorrect.

    When resetting a form/field to its original state I do not believe there is a need to validate the form/field, as that should be...
  10. I am working with forms in a Desktop application that need to be reset on a close/cancel.

    I am also using a customer validator w/ validateValue(String value).

    Both form reset() and clear() use...
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    Some of the reading I did to pinpoint this stated I didn't dig much further into it after that...
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    Hi gslender,

    I was having an issue with the regex in this in GXT 1.2.1 and GWT 1.5.3 so I changed it to Javascript compatible regex.

    Not sure if anyone else is or will have issues, but this is...
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    Awesome! -- Thinking about it, the North panel should probably be optional also...
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    Hi Gslender,

    This extension is great!

    One question -- Would you be opposed to making the WEST region (where wizMainImg is displayed) optional?

    I have no need for the image and would like to...
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    Awesome!!! Thank you!! :D
  16. I have been unable to get the Advanced ComboBox example to work.

    It tries to load remote data, but is unable to.

    The example on the site is also not working:...
  17. Works great! Thank you for the super fast reply!
  18. There appears to have been some change in 1.1.4 that is throwing off the ListView.
    When you select an item and then mouse over another, the view gets out of whack as the mouse over and the...
  19. I used reconfigure to display updated data:

    grid.reconfigure(store, cm);
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