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  1. Hello..
    I m attaching the file again
    Thanks for the interest
  2. Hi..
    Thanx for the reply Condor...
    But can you please tell me what all changes I need to do..
    I really need to implement this functionality :((
    Thanks in Advance
  3. Hi All,
    Its a grt post!! but I am facing 2 problems with this code:

    1) I am using the Row Expander Plugin, and I want the rowExpander to be in the locked column side i.e. left side but when I do...
  4. Hi
    I have started with the group header plugin 1.3 and its working fine. But presently it does not allow drag and drop of columns out of its parent header. I want to drop a column in another group...
  5. Hi All,
    Thanks for ur reply,
    The solution of removeAll() and add() did work for me.
    I just changed it like this:

  6. Hi All,
    I have a requirement under which I want to change the text color of comboBox list dynamically. On click of a radio button, I want to change it to "gray" color for "yes" and change to...
  7. Hi,
    The field is correct and the code is also executed because after the step:
    gridName.getColumnModel().getCellEditor(12).listClass = 'blackFont';

    I alerted the listClass and it changed to...
  8. Hi,
    I want to change the listClass foe a combobox, which is and editor in a grid, dynamically.
    I have written the style as:
    .grayFont {
    color: gray;
  9. Hi Condor,
    Thanks a lot!!!
    It worked correctly. Can you please tell where I can find attributes like lastQuery as it is not there in API Docs.
    Once again Thanks...
  10. Hi Condor,
    Thanks for your reply..
    Here is the store definition:

    var nounNameStore=new{
    proxy: new{
    url:'/XYZ/' ...
  11. Hi Condor,
    Thanks for reply...
    But ur solution does not help me. I tried doing that way but it giving backend error as: No parameter defined as Parameter, but I have tried defining the URL in store...
  12. Hi,
    I have defined combobox as a cell editor.The definition is as under:

    editor: new Ed(new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: nounNameDescStore,
  13. Hi Condor,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    It works fine now...
    I have another problem, I want to disable editing of some fields according to some condition for which I am using cm.isCellEditable() function....
  14. Hi,
    I am creating a screen in which the no. of grids are dynamic and the no. of columns coming in those grids are also dynamic.
    The grids are rendering with proper columns but the problem is:if I...
  15. Hi,
    I am looking for a way to validate a group of textfields in a grid on click of a button.
    On click of "Save" button, I want to call an action and validate all the textfield's values from...
  16. Replies
    I have 2 problems:
    1) Suppose there are 10 columns in my grid and there is a horizontal scrollbar in grid. Now what I want is first three columns don't move when I scroll and other columns may...
  17. Hi,
    The normal behaviour of a columnModel's editor is that when we click on the cell then only the boundary of editor is visible.But,is there any way by which I can display the boundary of editor...
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    Please give me a suggestion that which all functions of Field interface and container class needs to be overridden. I have a requirement in which I have to put 2 editors in one column so I can't...
  19. Replies
    Hi Condor,
    Thanks for the suggestion but can you please send me a piece of code so that I can proceed further for the solution. I am new to ExtJS so please help me by sending some code snippet. ...
  20. Replies
    Hi Evant,
    Thanks for the reply, but can you please give me a clue for how to achieve this functionality.
    Do I need to override getCellEditor or can I do something in renderer function for that...
  21. Replies

    I want to display 2 editors in a cell in grid simultaneously. I am using editorGridPanel and want textbox and combobox together in a single cell of grid.

    Is it possible to have 2 editors...
  22. Hi All,

    I have a requirement where in I have to update a parentrow in a row expander when a column in innergrid is edited.I need to get a summation of all the values of a particular column...
  23. Hi All,

    I have a requirement wherein I have to update a parent record in a row expander.

    I am using the following code for that inside the afteredit listener

    listeners: {
  24. Hi All,

    I have a requirement where in a cell needs to be highlighted by default and after edit of a different cell this highlight should get back to normal and the edited cell needs to be...
  25. Hi,

    Is there any other way to load my load expander so that I can get only the child rows of that particular cell instead of getting all the child rows in one grid?

    Thanks in Advance,...
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