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  1. Thanks
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    Darrel, where can I found more informations about GXT 3.0 or yet is very early to speak about this?
  3. Thanks a lot...
  4. listField_moveSelectedUp=Mover selecionado(s) para cima
    listField_moveSelectedDown=Mover selecionado(s) para baixo

    But where are used this messages? Only to me understand the context...

  5. Ok gaspo100, thanks...

    Somebody have more opinion?

  6. - GXT version

    - Host mode / web mode / both

    - Browser and version

    - Operating System
  7. What is the correct mode to pass some values to "toField"?
    I tryed to do:

    getCategoryDualList().getToList().getListView().getSelectionModel().select(list, false);

    But didn't work...
  8. Hi,

    In the GXt examples, to load a grid we have to do this:

    RpcProxy<PagingLoadResult<Post>> proxy = new RpcProxy<PagingLoadResult<Post>>() {
    public void...
  9. Hi,

    I am trying to implement a paging list, but when I click in the "Next" button of my PagingToolBar and I debug the source I can constact that the PagingLoadConfig's offset value is 0.
  10. - Detailed description of the problem
    If I open one window and I try to get this window with the method: WindowManager.get().getActive(), the method doesn't return the correct active window.
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    Hi all,

    I am trying to implement a tree with DND, something like:

    private TreePanelDropTarget treePanelDropTarget;

    private TreePanelDropTarget getTreePanelDropTarget() {
  12. This can to help you:
  13. GXT developer team,this really is a bug?
  14. - Detailed description of the problem
    If I try setEnabled(false) and/or setReadOnly(true) in SliderField, I yet can to change the value.

    - GXT version

    - Host mode / web mode / both...
  15. How to clear the value of the FileUploadField? Pressing only the key "del"? It's possible?
    I want some thing how setReadOnly(false)...
    I know that exists the method reset, but I don't want to use...
  16. ok... Thanks
  17. But is possible to do the boxlabel auto adjust depending of your width using layouts? How to do this?
    If I dont use auto width = true, the box label stays in two lines. Example:

    Choice: º...
  18. - Detailed description of the problem
    When I am using the CheckBoxGroup and I set autoWidth = true, the options (CheckBox) disappear.

    - GXT version

    - Host mode / web mode / both
  19. - Detailed description of the problem
    If I have two fields (com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.DateField) and I get the selected date of the first and set how the minimum date of the second, and...
  20. Now it's working...
    Alerting only to change to
    and not to

    Thanks a lot
  21. Then, in this case I only "can to access" this fields in the class
    com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.ComboBox? Is equal the control access on Java...
    Consequently the widget XComboBox is not...
  22. Excuse me... The code is:

    My EntryPoint

    public class TesteGxt implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
    final Viewport viewport = new Viewport();
  23. When I try to compile my app, I receive errors in lines that use JNSI (in the class XComboBox)...
    The error is:

    [ERROR] Errors in file:/my workspace path/my app/client/
  24. I want to align my CheckBoxGroup with various columns and lines.
    By example, if I have 6 check options, i want to show my CheckBoxGroup with 3 columns and 2 lines...
    Is possible to do this or I...
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    Really this disable the context menu for everything.
    But if you only need to use custom context menu this work fine, because you can to use:
    That work correctly
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