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  1. Thank you!, now it works like it should :D
    I really thank you for your time, you have helped me a lot.
  2. ...this is what i've been trying to do, i know it may be bad practice, but i'm trying to get it to work first....
    I thought it might work, but it still loads the same data, it loads twice (showing...
  3. Hi again.... thanks for the tip of the store... i'll try to change the way i'm using the ids.....
    On the grid config part, could you give me some example of how could it be done... I'm not very...
  4. Hi Skirtle,
    I managed to add grids into each cell with your method... now my problem is this (IDK if It can be done)
    I call the store for each grid like this:

    {text: 'Nivel 1',dataIndex:...
  5. Thanks for the quick response skirtle! I'll try a different approach not using grids and see how it goes..
    Thanks again ;)
  6. Hey, I was trying to test the component in grid, but I get the error "too much recursion".
    Can you help me out a little with this?... i try to put this (like in your example) inside one of my...
  7. I'm not working with Designer and i'm having this problem, how can I change the storeId and userClassName ? I tried changing it in the store but it didn't work. Help please :/ :((
  8. Replies
    Thanks for the aclaration on this, i was going crazy trying to figure out what was i doing wrong :P
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