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    Hmm. I tried to make this post in the Examples and Extras forum, but it moved me into this topic. :-/
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    I wrote a little page using Ext 4.0.7 to visualize the difference between two JSON objects to make my own life easier. It's not the cleanest code by any means, and it's a work in progress.
  3. This is how I gave the TextArea the auto-expanding behavior:

    Ext.define('ExpandingTextArea', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.TextArea',
    initialize: function() {
    var textArea =...
  4. Ok. I was hoping there might be a trick I'm not aware of.

    I ended up storing the parent id as well as the child id for faster lookups.

  5. I have two models: parent and child. There's a hasMany relationship where a parent has many children. This is all working great.

    Let's say I know the id of a child record, but I do not know the...
  6. Janelle, you totally rock. Your override works wonderfully. Thank you!
  7. I figured it out, EJ. This occurs because the parser tries to figure out the day of month in this order:

    1.) try to parse the day of month from the input // <-- null in this scenario
    2.) look...
  8. This is a weird one. In some cases, on Android, when you clear the textfield by tapping the clear icon, the ghost of the previous value still looks like it's in the field, though the cursor is at...
  9. Thanks, Jamie! You are awesome.
  10. I need to empty the number field when someone focuses it. I tried calling setValue with falsy values. On Android phones, however, rather than emptying, it puts in "NaN" or goes into a loop where it...
  11. I'm sure there is a reason this was added sometime between PR3 and 2.0 Release, but for now, I'm using this workaround:

    Ext.define('', {
  12. Inside the onComplete and parseStatus functions of, request.xhr.status is interpreted as success when it is 0, which I believe is incorrect according to the W3C specification.
  13. (Oops. The title should read "Ext.Ajax.request".)
  14. I'm using Sencha Touch 2.0 (release).

    url: '',
    jsonData: {},
    success: function() {
  15. Oh. Today, this issue been accepted as a bug.
  16. I would like to know the general approach to this because I may want to override other singletons (like Ext.Viewport).
  17. I'm trying to add some validators to the singleton so I can reference custom validations in my models.

    In previous versions of Sencha Touch, I could add stuff to it using...
  18. I'm working with PR3 right now, and that line / functionality is definitely missing. Sounds like it's already fixed in your latest though. Thanks.
  19. This applies to List, but the bug is in the Selectable mixin.

    The following code in the deselect function:

    if (typeof records === "number") {
    records = [me.getStore().getAt(records)];
  20. I hacked around it for now by overriding the store's clearData function like this:

    clearData: function() {
    var me = this;

    me.removed || (me.removed = []);
  21. Awesome. Thank you!
  22. That's fantastic! I've been hoping for a way to hide the keyboard. In fact, I couldn't figure out how to reliably do this with just JavaScript (without interfacing with a native call). I look...
  23. I see. You are right, that works. The only difference between your code and mine is that I'm passing in an instance of Ext.NavigationBar instead of the config for Ext.NavigationBar. In my...
  24. Ah ha! Thanks! I tried it a different way and it didn't work so I assumed it wasn't supported. Out of curiosity, is my way incorrect?

    Ext.create('Ext.Picker', {
  25. It would be nice to be able to center a title on the picker sheet, which would be possible with Ext.NavigationBar.
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