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  1. The workaround for now is to use the Template column, which changes the innerHTML of the cell, thus allowing you to apply HTML as the content.

    Let me know if this works for you.
  2. The Action column is in the unsupported folder (or at least it should be!) and has not yet been converted to Sencha Touch Grid. Your patch however is still good and will be part of the next release...
  3. updateStore will indeed only be called when you change the entire store bound to the NestedList, thus adding the listeners before starting to load the store seems like a good idea :D

    I have...
  4. This has been fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report and suggested fix!
  5. Hi,

    The reason getById doesn't work on TreeStore is because the array only contains unfiltered items in the store and getById can only return unfiltered items. A TreeStore filters...
  6. This has been fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report
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    You can remove all the sorters currently by doing; This however does not change the order of the data currently in the collection since it would be unclear how the...
  8. Hi,

    We have looked into this and decided that we do still stand behind the change in 2.2. There are certain cases where we have to be able to set a configuration to undefined. The way we solve...
  9. This was fixed for the next release (2.2.1). Thanks for the report
  10. I'm pretty sure this issue has been fixed as part of a previous release. The testcases we have for this issue (which is based on your provided testcase) runs correctly in the 2.2 codebase for me.
  11. This issue has (finally) be fixed for the next release (2.2.1) for both useCache true as well as useCache false.

    Thanks for the patience and the report!
  12. Unfortunately on iOS it seems that you can only call focus on a field inside of a touch event handler. Calling it anywhere else seems to do nothing. I'm closing this ticket as wont fix unless anyone...
  13. I think this issue has been fixed in 2.2. At least I cannot reproduce this issue in the docs for 2.2, nor when I create a dedicated test case for this issue in our latest codebase, thus I'm closing...
  14. Somehow this bug got into the backlog in our system and we have only just dug this one up. This will be fixed in 2.2.1. Sorry for the delay :(
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    Thank you ampro for the extensive debugging and testing you have done on this. I have incorporated your proposed fixes into the codebase for Touch 2.2.1.

  16. The Ajax proxy now also has this configuration to allow Ajax proxies to request data cross domain.
  17. This issue has been fixed specifically for groupers. The reason the updater is not called is because the Ext.factory method was changing the current grouper instance and thus the value isnt actually...
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    I added a method for the RC release on List called getScrollDockedItems that returns these items for you. Also note that setting the docked configuration on these items is unneeded since 2.2.
  19. Hi Martin,

    I have applied your optimizations to our codebase for the next release. Thanks for digging into this! I think there might be even more room for optimization in regards of just updating...
  20. This function is there as legacy code and is not used anywhere in our framework or examples. It's logic is indeed flawed it seems. The question is whether we want to return the "data index" of the...
  21. Unfortunately we need to position the header absolutely in the current infinite List implementation. You can change the height of the List header, but then you have to change the padding-top on...
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    Thanks for the report! This has been fixed for the next release.
  23. Thanks for the report. This has been fixed for the next release.
  24. Thanks for the report! This has been fixed for the next release.
  25. Actually there needs to be an id field on every Model. If you don't want it to be id, set the idProperty and create another field that acts as an id field.

    Marking this as wontfix in the meantime.
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