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  1. Extjs 6.5 Cmd 6.6 always minifies using closure

    We recently upgraded an app from ExtJs 4.2 to 6.5 we had to modify our CLI build Cmd call to get it working with the new UI.

    Our purpose with this command it to get just our app's files compiled...
  2. The answer to this problem for building just our...

    The answer to this problem for building just our namespace is:

    sencha config -prop -prop then compile -classpath=app exclude -all and include -namespace AC and...
  3. Thanks for your response Gary. With the...

    Thanks for your response Gary.

    With the compile command I am using exclude all and include AC, which is only the namespace of our application.

    Why is compile trying to look at Ext's namespace...
  4. App Upgraded from 4 to 6.02 classic, Sencha Cmd fails on inclusion of charts

    I usually run this command as part of our build process.

    sencha.exe compile -classpath=app exclude -all and include -namespace AC and concat -yui -out app-all.js

    Where AC is our app's...
  5. Answered on Sencha Tools Forum

    sencha compile -classpath=app union -r -namespace [yourappnamespace] and concat -out all-classes.js
  6. Sencha Command Excluding ExtJs from build output

    We use most or all of the framework and would like the all-classes.js file output from our sencha app build not include the ExtJs framework. The docs state that we can modify the
  7. [FIXED] I get the same thing in 4.1.1 Final

    +1 for me
  8. Ext.ux.grid.plugin.RowSelectionPaging upgraded to 4.1

    This plugin is completely based on Ext.ux.grid.RowSelectionPaging, a 3.x plugin by Joeri Sebrechts, and is used to maintain the selection state of rows in a paginated Grid Panel when moving between...
  9. [OPEN] Does initComponent fire more than once?

    I have a similar situation where a custom sub-class of grid with locking columns will actually fire initcomponent 2-3 times only when there are locked columns.

    Can you check if that is happening...
  10. [OPEN] Locking Grid Columns do not sync height under some conditions

    Ext 4.1.0 RC2
    Tested with IE9 and Chrome 18

    I have attached a mockup of the problem that will work from the examples\grid folder.

    The grid must be in a card layout and a child of a tabpanel...
  11. Ext 4.1b3 Internet Explorer 9 Grid load performance >50 pageSize

    I have a grid with a paging toolbar.
    IE9 takes 10-14 seconds to call the server on store.load() when I have a page size of 200 and 2-3 seconds for a page size of 50.

    Google Chrome 17.x There is...
  12. [CLOSED] Thanks

    That makes perfect sense! I am converting a 3.x app so that's one more thing I need to keep in mind. I must have missed that on the upgrade docs.
  13. [CLOSED] Hard JS Error: Multiple Grids with same column id as children of a tab panel


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0 rev6

    Browser versions tested against:

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    Create a Ext.form.FieldContainer and place both...

    Create a Ext.form.FieldContainer and place both the fileupload and the reset button inside this container. you will find a description and example here:...
  15. Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeSorter, { doSort:...

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeSorter, {
    doSort: function (node)
    custSort: function (n1, n2)
    var prop = || 'text';
    var desc = this.dir &&...
  16. Try setting the checked column to locked:true. ...

    Try setting the checked column to locked:true.


    var checkSM = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({ checkOnly: true, sortable: false, locked: true }); // this does not work

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    [OPEN] [2.3.0] Grid Row Click runtime error

    Ext. 2.2.1 and Ext 2.3.0
    Browser: didn't matter

    We have three grids all sharing the same store. The first grid is a paged grid, the other two are not. This error occurs on the two "sub" grids.
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    Minimum ViewPort Size Extension

    This is a rough implementation of a viewport extension that will size up and down with the browser, unless the minimum height or width are reached. This is rough and was tested briefly only on IE7....
  19. Basicform override to keep deferredRender: true on TabPanel

    I was having a problem with tabpanels on forms requiring deferredRender set to false or the isDirty method of BasicForm would always return true. Why complain when we can override!

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    Right, I tried that. I was doing it without a...

    Right, I tried that. I was doing it without a call to reload before. The user was supposed to try to click again. After the loadexception event fires. The loaded property gets set back to true even...
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    I added a retry counter that resets on success,...

    I added a retry counter that resets on success, and incrments on failure to prevent the infinite reloads. The root problem underlying this thread is that after a loadexception the node properties...
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    Thanks for the reply. I will add this to my load...

    Thanks for the reply. I will add this to my load exception, but let's just say the second or third attempt also fail. Then the user is still left with a newly formed leaf that should be a folder....
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    Ext.tree.TreeLoader loadexception

    Ext 1.1.1, tested on IE7

    I have a standard Async tree. At times if the server fails to respond or the Ajax request times out. The tree node reverts to a leaf, instead of a folder. Anyone have an...
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    IE7 formfields

    We had combo boxes and text boxes disappearing when we enabled and disabled them or submitted the form as well.

    We Finally got to the root of the problem, CSS of course.

    In the Ext-all.css
  25. Async Tree Loading Rapid reloading before complete

    Our app uses a single tree for 5 differing sets of tree data. Alone or slowly moving between sets of data everything is great. Upon a button click event we are calling...
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