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  1. Sprite translation issue :: X-Axis fluctuations

    Hi, I implemented some functionality to handle dragging the sprite on the surface, which works...but has a bug, as shown on the attached screenshot.
    Once the sprite is locked in drag_mode and I...
  2. VTypes and regex with polish characters used

    Hi, I want to build vtype that would allow to validate any string that is started
    with capitalized letter (only [A-Z]) and is followed by any kind of character, including those known from polish...
  3. Thanks for the feedback but I am forced to deny...

    Thanks for the feedback but I am forced to deny any more help.
    The problem was in the following fragment of the code

    getterName : 'setWarehouse'
    setterName : 'getWarehouse'

    I think...
  4. Successful post, but infinite update loop after

    Hi, I am having very strange issue with my code.
    I have two models Company and Warehouse associated in following way:
    Company hasOne Warehouse -> client (extjs) side
    Company is associated with...
  5. Updating entity in database (ExtJS -> GSON -> Hibernate -> DB)

    Hi I have model defined like this

    Ext.define('WMS.model.entity.Unit', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
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    Model associations in ExtJS


    I believe that my problem is strictly related to ExtJS, although there are some issues on the server side.
    But first thing first.
    Here are my models:

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    If I assigned scores to languages, I would say...

    If I assigned scores to languages, I would say that using Java makes me more happy than using PHP and I hate all that is Microsoft based...
    What's more is that it seems to me that Java brings more...
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    ExtJS and webservices


    I would like to develop, or just start developing, an application that besides using ExtJS would use my own REST webservices. My request couldn't be simpler...still after reading thousands of...
  9. Drag and drop isn't working after code refractoring

    Recently I have ported some of my code to MVC-like architecture and I couldn't help to notice that my drag&drop between grid stopped working, although all that really had changed are:
    - host...
  10. Thanks to this thread:...

    Thanks to this thread:
    I removed ButtonGroup and all this wieird panel.

    Still if many items is added to my menu it gets...
  11. Fixed height and/or multiple columns

    Hi, I am searching for a way to develop an that would feature, in order of importance, :

    - when items count is great enough to enable scrolling, menu should be still...
  12. I did so, but thanks anyway :)

    I did so, but thanks anyway :)
  13. works like a dream :) but how can I define...

    works like a dream :)

    but how can I define following render just once for entire grid, because at the moment I have to put it for every column that exists
  14. Overridding GridPanel data loading process

    Is there a way to overwrite this process ?

    At the moment my grid looks like on the attached photo. What is important here that the first column is generated by my own class (subclass of...
  15. Custom PivotGrid/Grid with fixed left axis


    I am stucked with huge, even enormous problem. I need to built custom PivotGrid, lets call it
    TTPivot, that functionality can be described by following factors:

    - left axis is rendered...
  16. PivotGrid and custom cells with checkboxes - getting data

    This is my first post here, so at first I would like to say Hello ;-).

    Now let's go down with the business,
    I am struggling with the problem of checkboxes inside of every cell of...
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