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  1. I've run into this a couple of times when building out quick demos and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    I'll set up a simple grid with it's store bound to a viewmodel, a viewmodel with inline...
  2. I have a border layout in my viewport. Within the border layout, I have a "header" section and a "navigation" section.

    The folder structure looks like this:


    I'm trying to add style to...
  3. @evant, I was having a problem implementing the the event firing/listening between a child and parent view that you showed earlier in this thread. I spotted the difference, adjusted my code and it...
  4. I'm working on a prototype of an image gallery in extjs 6.

    I've got the basic layout setup, but I'm not sure how (or if I can) add a click listener to each of the tiles in the gallary:

  5. Nevermind, I figured it out. The answer was in my initial question the whole time :/

    *facepalm*, just make the window a child of the panel:

  6. I have a sign in process that I've roughed into a fiddle (the part I'm stuck on starts at line 110):


    What I'm trying to do is:

    Show a panel with a sign in button
    Clicking on the...
  7. Ah, perfect. I thought docked items would be included.

    Thanks for the clarification!
  8. I'm building an example fiddle that shows all of the different ways you can get an element from a view to work with it.

    In the example, I have a button that updates the text in a component by...
  9. Never mind.

    A user on stackoverflow pointed out to me that because I'm setting the config by inspecting the instance of the object itself (i.e. the `this` keyword) I need to use the...
  10. I have a window who's height and width I'd like to set by percentage of the screen height instead of a static number.

    I looked it up and saw that I can use `Ext.getBody().getViewSize().height`...
  11. I asked about my question in the other thread where the technique I was attempting was described. The original answer-er worthlutz was kind enough to reply back with a fixed version of my fiddle.
  12. Replies

    Thank you a ton!
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    I tried this in a fiddle and I was not able to get it to work:

    Is there something wrong in my config?
  14. Just incase anyone runs into this issue in the future, I resolved it by trashing:

    - The chrome app
    - The chrome application support folder in my user library: `~/Library/Application...
  15. Understood. I didn't think it was a problem with fiddle since it worked on a different computer. I was asking mostly to see if someone has any insight on how to fix the browser problem.
  16. While working in the chrome dev tools while debugging a fiddle I found that I can no longer see the javascript code I'm debugging.

    This happened after I toggled the "Deactivate Breakpoints" button...
  17. I've got a fiddle of a base layout I'm trying to add responsive configurations to.

    My goal is to use a border layout where the navigation can change between the western region and the northern...
  18. Ah, awesome. Thanks for the explanation. That definitely adds another level of clarity for me.
  19. I'm wanting to nail down the concept of "when you should use initComponent" when defining a class.

    Based on the explanation in the documentation, I would assume that you should use initComponent...
  20. Ah, awesome!

    Thank you for going in depth to explain the original question and adding in the other issues as well. The whole reason I'm doing the re-create-the-kitchen-sink process is to gain a...
  21. I'm trying to. I've not used sencha fiddle before so I'm not sure what I have going wrong :/

    Here's the fiddle:

    I pushed a working version of the entire...
  22. I've got a view with a ViewModel config that holds the x and y coordinates for a child panel. The child panel uses absolute positioning.

    For some reason the data in the view model will not bind...
  23. So you mean that you would use initComponent when your class depends on the initialization of another class and putting the parts of your class that use that dependency in initComponent guarantees...
  24. I've been working through the various kitchen sink examples to get a better understanding of the basics of how to use extjs.

    I was looking through the Basic Panels example and was curious about...
  25. Awesome, thanks! I'll check it out.
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