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  1. I'm using GXT3.1.1. Drag handlers are not properly being cleaned up by the PortalLayoutContainer. If you call clear() and then re-add your Portlets there will be duplicate drag handlers added to each...
  2. After upgrading to GXT 2.3.0 the headings on our grids are out of order when some columns have header groups and others do not. It appears that all the headers with groups are being moved before the...
  3. I can confirm this bug still exists in GXT 3.0.3.

    The problem is in the doRender() method of the ColumnFooter class. The cellClass variable is not being reset inside the "loop each cell per row"...
  4. field.addStyleName("myField");

    .myField input {
    background: gray none;
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    I have been annoyed by this for a while and decided to find a solution. Simply override the onAttach method of the Chart class so that it puts a download link in chart div. If flash is not available...
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    You can accomplish this by creating a custom field binding class, see below.

    public class RadioGroupBinding extends FieldBinding {

    public RadioGroupBinding(RadioGroup group, String...
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