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    Sencha IO support?

    How are the plans to support Sencha IO? Should we expect to have it soon?
  2. [CLOSED] Nice! Thanks, Aaron!

    Nice! Thanks, Aaron!
  3. [CLOSED] Here's the problematic project...

    Here's the problematic project

    I removed all files but the problematic model. It has only 2 properties and an override. I probably created the project with the...
  4. [CLOSED] Script tag with incorrect src for override classes on models

    Maybe I'm just misusing the Loader, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

    Classes' files are loaded with a src path like: app/model/Classname.js
    But when I create an override, the src path...
  5. [FIXED] Basic function code isn't generated after build 309

    I updated to build 309, but now basic functions added to models doesn't appear on "generated class" anymore.
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