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  1. Another strange behavior:

    in Firefox 14.0.1 the scrolling via cursor is broken, it reacts very slow but mouse scrolling works without problem.

    After i switched to a buffered View in one grid,...
  2. I tried to isolate the problem, recreated our base structure and filled it with one of the example grids . The grid won't react if there are too many records in the store, i tried copy/pasting and...
  3. Thanks for your answer - infinite scrolling is a little bit glitchy, but the scrolling in my project is really not working it is more than slow (it remembers me of the problems with Firefox before...
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Safari 6 (doesnt work)
    FF 14 (works)
    Safari 5 (works)
  5. I actually ran into the same problem and solved it with a workaround to disable the keyNav in the show event of the menu:

    "show": function(menu) {
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    Thank you animal - that should do the trick :)
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    Hello guys,

    i would like to ask you if this is possible: I have a XTemplate and want to separate its parts to make it reusable for user Templates. For example:

    var tpl = new...
  8. Thanks for your reply - i actually looked into apply, but i always thought that is why prototype is such a great thing, just changing/extending existing classes and instances on the fly and there is...
  9. I actually ran into the following question about prototype - i dont understand why there are such methods as apply and override - why not just use the prototype notation?

    someClass.prototype =...
  10. Ok, it didnt work directly, but pointed in the right direction :)

    I used that solution:
  11. Argh - thanks a lot, i didnt look in the gridView Options -.- :D
  12. Hello Guys :)

    Another day, another Question :D I actually have the following problem, i need a tagcloud Skript to be triggered when all data for the grid (or more grids, its a portal solution)...
  13. Just to give you a little update about this "problem" :)

    I tried it yesterday with remove and the destroy:false option, it didnt work (components wont come back correctly, losing...
  14. I always thought that holding it in the DOM will be painful, there will be about 20+ modules in the final product that consist of border layout & friends. The first test show/hide vs. remove/cache...
  15. Thats exactly what i wanted to do :) I will experiment again with the parameter, i think that was the main error (autoDestroy as Property eventually not cascading right?).

    Thanks for the answer...
  16. I think it is dirty because it is kept directly in the DOM, an old fashioned design paradigm says just keep that whats visible in your public fragments (but i think i can live with show/hide - whats...
  17. Ok, thanks for your answer, thats what i am currently doing - but i think that this is a dirty solutions because while show/hiding the DOM Structure remains hidden in the document?

    When i remove...
  18. I thought this - its a little difficult to explain (for me ^^):

    The main problem ist that i want to remove a tabPanel with "activate" Listeners in his items from a Ext Container (in our project...
  19. Ok, i think the right question should be - is there a easy/direct way to store/cache Ext Components with listeners or to copy them (cloneConfig does not work) so that the full functions remains even...
  20. I hope i got the right description but we actually ran into the following problem, i will try to explain it with the following code snippets:

    1) I dynamically create a tab panel in one of our...
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    We currently ran into the same problem, the only working solution we found is the following (tried different manipulations):

    var cmp = Ext.getCmp('id');
    var form = cmp.getForm();
    var el =...
  22. Hello Guys :)

    after a long time we ran into a problem, we have to set the dismissDelay of a Tooltip to 10s, i tried it with the following:

  23. Thanks for the links - i will try :)
  24. Ok, i actually solved one part of the problem :)

    mouseover: function(e, t) {
    var rowIndex = this.getView().findRowIndex(t);
    var colIndex = this.getView().findCellIndex(t);
  25. Hello :)

    we actually have the following problem, and i dont really know how to solve it.

    We are using a grid to show for example headlines and when someone hovers over the headline a Tooltip...
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