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    Hi Everybody,

    I need a help its very urgent, exproter was working fine on my environment, thanks for the very good work. But the problem is my clients environment doesn't allows swf, so that in...
  2. thanks maiconschelter,
    it resolved the issue.
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    I also went through this kind of issues, its definitely failing on some where in the formatter, but that doesn't throws an error. Best is you have debug through the formatter, dig it down and see...
  4. Hey in ExtJS 4.1 RC1 the picker is not showing the "Ok" and "Cancel" button text. Can any one help me on this?
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    thanks rdominelli, your file did the trick now its showing the excel file, but shows an warning in the beginning.

    Can anyone have any solution for this?
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    ssuarez i m facing the problem as yours. I wonder where can i find that "swfobject.js" file???
  7. Follow the following link. I am not sure will it help you or not, but I think it will help you to find the solution.
  8. thanks once again...

    another thing is I need to add customized items in the new window, how can I do that. I am using the Sencha Web Desktop example project, will this window will have all the...
  9. Hi all,

    I have figured out the copy part, it can be done by setting the grid view config 'copy: true'. But I am struggling to stop multiple drop of a single item... please help...

    thanks in...
  10. Hi all,

    I am using Drag Drop plugin for grid to grid dd. It removing the node from dragged grid to drop grid. But I don't wanna remove it from the drag grid I wanna copy. And I also wanna stop...
  11. Thanks Wilky,

    what is "window" in
  12. Hi all,

    I would like to create a new window and show it on button click from another window. Let me simplify..

    Suppose in Web Desktop in grid window i have a button and the grid. When I press...
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