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  1. Tbh, i'm not really sure how i can create a test case in Fiddle since it requires 2 plugins :/ What did was I extended the Ext.dataview.List and override the applyPlugins method with the following...
  2. I have a custom list which overrides the applyPlugins methods from his parent. And within this method i apply either a Paging-plugin or a Refresh-plugin. But now i want these both to be enabled so i...
  3. I'm not really sure how, for me this behavior only occurred in views that had 2 labels next to each other. Then i created production build en checked it on my iPhone with iOS 8.3
  4. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:

    Device and OS tested against:

    iPhone 4s, iOS 8.3
    What theme are you using for your...
  5. Finally have a iPhone 4s with iOS 8.3 to test on, i've installed Telerik Appbuilder so i can connect the iPhone to my Windows pc and see what exactly is going wrong.What i've noticed is that when i...
  6. Ok even weirder; on a iPhone 6 with iOS 8.3 it works now. However; on a iPhone 5 with iOS 8 it still doesn't work...
  7. I managed to fix the issue. I noticed that when you login the app you are redirected to our 'Dashboard' app, from there you can go to other apps. But this dashboard app didn't work, it just kept...
  8. One thing i noticed was that when the app is build using a production build it does not work on iOS 8 but if you build it using testing build it does work. So it seems that somehow the production...
  9. After we updated our app to Sencha Touch 2.4.1 we are getting reports from users that the app no longer works on iPhones with iOS 8.x. It just gets stuck on the loading screen.

    As far as i know we...
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    Thank you! That seems to do the trick! :D
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    I have a AgendaItem model that has some properties, it also has a hasMany association with a Employee model and ContactPerson model. As it turned out you can't use AgendaItem.Save() on a model that...
  12. He figured out that it had to do with how we handle translations in our app. It was not sencha related after all
  13. [QUOTE = fmoseley; 1059280] Welke browser heb je dit probleem. Heb je een andere browser geprobeerd? Heb je geprobeerd het wissen van het cachegeheugen van de browser? Doet de test build werk? [/...
  14. I am currently using Sencha Cmd v4.0.4.84
  15. I have but no results :(
  16. I actually don't know where it comes from. I've never seen it before and have no idea where i include it in my application.
  17. When i build my app using the production command my app doesn't load anymore in the browser. When i check the console it says:

    This error comes from a file named global-shortcut.js regarding...
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    They did actually, it seemed that when i cleared my cache and restarted Chrome that the problem no longer occurred.
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    I've been working on my app for quiet some time now and early on i had to show some custom images within a list. After some messing around i managed to get them to show by setting a itemTpl and...
  20. That should not happen when you enable singletap, it will then only fire when there is a single tap, and not if there are many taps.What i do to prevent multiple views is i check if the title of the...
  21. What you need to do is have a look at you itemTemplate, since you want data from a lower level you need to specify what to do with the data that is given. Best way to do this is by looking at...
  22. You could check when the user clicks on a item in that list, if he double taps or single taps:!/api/Ext.dataview.DataView-event-itemdoubletap

    This way you make...
  23. And then just add the correct amount of hours that needs to be added? Yeah i guess that could work.

    What i did now is i create a new Date object, and by doing this it automatically sets the DST...
  24. Using a plugin i have 2 custom pickerfields where you can select a date(but without the year) and time. This way you can say that for example on 22 of april, i've started working on 09:05 and ended...
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    Yeah ah well, instead of showBy i now use a Show and just show the panel in the top left corner. Still looks nice :)Thanks for the suggestions tho!
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