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  1. Has this been fixed yet? I'm still seeing the behavior that when variableRowHeight is true and I have CSS to allow word-wrap, I can't scroll the bottom few rows into view, the scrollbar tab just...
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    Hello everyone. I'm trying to improve the performance of my Grid in IE7. I have anywhere from 150 rows to 250 when it first loads. I'm using the previewplugin feature to be able to show extra...
  3. I'm in the process of upgrading myself.

    I used this:


    In some of my function calls, which forces the scroller to re-calibrate. If you use this...
  4. I do not experience that behavior; it works exactly how I need it to, actually. The scroller doesn't move, the data doesn't move either. I do have certain fields updating based on user interaction,...
  5. I found this accidentally, since it's not listed in the API for 4.0, but it's what we're looking for:

    invalidateScrollerOnRefresh: false,

    Just toss that onto your grid configuration and it...
  6. I'm also looking to maintain the scroll state of the grid view over a store load. I see these new methods for 4.0.1: view.saveScrollState() and view.restoreScrollState(), but no examples on how to...
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    I've got this same issue and can't seem to find the new way of expanding/collapsing all.
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