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  1. Hey,

    thanks for all your help!

    You're actually right, it doesn't make much sense to listen in the store to its own events. It's properly better to let the controller listen to the stores events.
  2. to be honest, the whole "event and listener"- thing isn't too much documentated.

    Your example worked fine for me first, but then I tried to fire a custom-event like this:

  3. thank you very very much, you were totaly right, when I do this:

    scope : this,
    callback: function(records, operation, success) {
  4. Hi,

    today I was getting into the whole Store-thing. And to understand it a little better I tried to execute the Example from the documentation - following:

    Ext.define('User', {
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    I now tried to animate the slide with the animate() method on the Element like this:

    duration : 10000,
    to : {
    x : -2076
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    Since today I'm trying to get into Ext JS 4. Compared to Mootools: I love it.

    After I tried a lot of basic functions, I wanted to create a slide effect with the animator. It worked...
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