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  1. Hi guys,

    just add the treelist to a container and make that scrollable. Then you still have to fix the issue with the scrollbar stealing focus from your floated items and makes the items hide...
  2. ViewModels inherit by following the component hierarchy. Now when I bind a form field's value on a descriptor that does not match a stub in the current ViewModel it will try to find it in one of the...
  3. See completely worked out Sencha Fiddle example:

    Create a multi slider field. Drag both sliders completely to the right. Then click on the slider bar. This...
  4. It has been 10 days since this post but not a single response. Is it possible that a Sencha engineer checks this issue? Fullscreen Mode is useless at this moment since the freed space at the bottom...
  5. Is it allowed to make code changes to the Feedviewer or just style changes? Of course we can make a nice theme but perhaps we can improve the navigation in the app too. For that we would need to make...
  6. Thanks, I already saw the GitHub link after I entered into the competition
  7. The contest mentions extra points for also styling the Modern Feed Viewer app. In the ExtJS 6.0 sources I can however only find the feedviewer that is based on the classic toolkit.
    Is there a modern...
  8. On an iPhone 5S the current Space client does not free the bottom portion of the screen when going into fullscreen. I am running an ExtJS 6 Modern mobile test app in the client. To try forcing the...
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    The Space Dev app for running Space in an iOS simulator is having issues logging in. After the problems last week the SSL certificates were revoked I think. I had to reinstall the space app to make...
  10. I was impressed by the Space presentation at SenchaCon. It looks easy to deploy a new version directly from your console using Sencha Cmd.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any information on how to do...
  11. In the beta1 ExtJS 6.0 the navigation view seems to be fixed. I can recommend upgrading to 6.0
  12. When I open an alert or confirm (or any other sheet), I cannot hide it. On hide(), the backdrop hides, but not the popup itself.

    It seems to be caused by the show and hide animations. When I...
  13. There are a couple of problems with the navigation view. First it tries to remove items immediately. When setting autoDestroy: false on the navigation view that is fixed but you run into other...
  14. Of course, I attached the output of generating the app and then refreshing it below

  15. Hi Gary,

    That's what I did, like I wrote in my report. It seems strange though that I have to specify the toolkit when I am building a universal app. How does that work with the theme for the...
  16. I created a simple app and am trying to refresh the bootstrap using sencha app refresh. When I do it fails on the theme. When I add toolkit: 'classic' to the app.json it does work. But that kind of...
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    Absolutely, lets move the discussion over to email. rob [] 2gears [] com

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    I completely agree. All the mobile apps we create are fully offline-capable. That is the whole reason why we are implementing a full 2-way sync layer that persists everything locally (WebSQL,...
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    Hi Don,

    Thanks for responding. I agree with you that the number of usecases are quite large. It all depends on the exact synchronisation scheme the developer chooses. I don't think the framework...
  20. hehe, true, although I think ExtJS 5 runs pretty smooth on tablets with a good 'thick finger' theme. We're still taking it for a spin on tablet
  21. Erhm, that's not true. ExtJS runs in the Browser just like Sencha Touch. It would be no problem packaging an ExtJS app in Apache Cordova or Phonegap or even CocoonJS. The only thing is that ExtJS is...
  22. I have just added a possible fix. Could you please verify whether this fixes the problem and whether it might break something else?
  23. Touch version tested:
    Touch 2.3.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    When quickly switching between a couple of big inifite lists (EG. in a Card layout) the lists can...
  24. Touch version tested:
    Touch 2.0.1, Touch 2.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    iOS 6 mobile safari

    When giving a text field or textareafield focus and then scrolling the...
  25. Unfortunately this has not been fixed in Sencha Touch 2.3.0. Please make sure you scroll down before you apply the filter. See the attached screenshots before and after application of the filter:
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