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    [CLOSED] Border layout resizing

    Resizing the panel in border layout doesn't work properly in ExtJS 4.2.x
    It is working in ExtJS 4.1.3 and below.

    Test Case
    1) Go to example in documentation page
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    [OPEN] Combobox in float region in border layout

    When hovering over the combobox item in border layout with float panel, it will cause the that panel to hide.

    Here is the jsfiddle to demonstrate what I means

  3. [CLOSED] Any help on this? IE10 also have the same issue.

    Any help on this?
    IE10 also have the same issue.
  4. [CLOSED] Flickering when moving the Ext.Window outside of viewport area

    I have a viewport with one panel and inside a panel there is a window with constrain and constrainHeader set to true.

    When I move the window to the bottom area, there is a flickering. It doesn't...
  5. Thanks for the reply. In case you're...

    Thanks for the reply.

    In case you're wondering, the fix I have for this "bug" is to create multiple css produced by the command "sencha package build"

    Apparently, there is a limitation in IE 9...
  6. Create new ui theme for doesn't work in IE8

    Fixed it. Please delete
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