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  1. [OPEN] Error with preview after changing class name

    I have a small app with a class (simple panel view) that had a defined userClassName. I clicked on the preview button and it launched the app, behaving as expected. Then I renamed the class, saved,...
  2. Same Issue

    I'm having the same issue. No firewall, Architect < v3 works, but v3 will not start.
  3. Feature Request: Abilty to Specify Data Type for a Configuration Value

    One particularly annoying part of working with Architect is the inability to specify the type of value assigned to a configuration attribute.

    For example, specifying a URL on a store proxy can...
  4. What happened to the snapshot feature in 2.2?

    I just upgraded from 2.1 and upgraded some of my projects to Ext 4.2. It looks like the snapshot feature isn't there. Where'd this go?
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    Crashes when loading Resource


    Architect Build tested:
    Build: 678

    Project Type: ExtJS 4.x (Did not test a Touch project)

    I have a fairly large number of JS and CSS files to include...
  6. [FIXED] Still not there

    Still missing in 4.1.1a.
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    I wrote one quite a long time ago on Ext 3. It was actually a last minute entry for the Best of ColdFusion 9 contest way back... but the code is available on github.

    Screenshots at...
  8. Still Waiting

    I've been waiting on acceptance for quite some time. Getting down to the wire... would love to use sync in my app for the contest!
  9. [CLOSED]Disappearing Toolbar & Moving Collapse Buttons

    I'm working on a simple wireframe app that dynamically adds new panels to a common parent panel, using the 4.0 final release. There are two issues. The toolbar disappears on subsequent addition of a...
  10. Thanks for the insight. I was starting a rewrite...

    Thanks for the insight. I was starting a rewrite of an older app... directly working with the box layouts seems like a better approach for my needs. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. [FIXED]Viewport/Border Layout Render Issue

    My apologies if this is a duplicate/known issue. Or perhaps my code is incorrect?

    The following code renders like the first screenshot attached (tested in Firefox 3.6 and Chrome). When you...
  12. Thanks for clearing that up!

    Thanks for clearing that up!
  13. Doc's missing DOMHelper.createTemplate()?

    Perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong place, but it appears there may be a function missing in the documentation for DOMHelper (core). shows the...
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