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    Thank's Phil!
    I'll take a look at your suggestion and give it a try.
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    The paging toolbar is a very nice component and in my opinion easy to imply.
    My problem now is that I have a list (a grid with 2 columns) and the width of the paging toolbar is far too big to...
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    Thanks Aaron, glad to know!

    My workaround for now is simply to add the code manually.
    It lets me go on with my project until a permanent solution is at hand.

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    In SA 3.1 I'm trying to add a custom property to my
    I select the Application node and write mycustomProp:whatevervalue in the search field and press add.
    And, yes, I can see this...
  5. Actually there is - at least since Architect 2.2.2 b 991 - a Check Column component among the grid columns in the toolbox. No more workarounds. Just drag and drop:)

    This option does still not...
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    architect does not yet recognize the CheckColumn type. You can use an override for work around.

    See this thread:
  7. Hi again asics167!

    I'm afraid I'm getting short of ideas. But there is actually one more thing to test.

    The only differences from my solution I could see in the information you have given me is...
  8. Hi again asics167!

    Really sorry to hear you didn't get the 'checkcolumn' to work. I've used different workarounds since extjs 3.x and haven't had any problems once I got code and logics in place....
  9. Hi asics167!

    This is a problem which has been discussed in several occasions in the past. When I studied the api docs of extjs 4.2 I was happy to see that the previously 'CheckColumn' extension...
  10. Seems to work just fine!

    Thanks for the rapid fix!
  11. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 633
    Project Type:

    ExtJs 4.1

    I open old project and let SA do conversion to newer version
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
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    I've had the same experience. Seems the undo/ redo only works for the grafic design mode not in code editing. I guess for now, if needing advanced editing, it's worth using some other editor and copy...
  13. Hi!

    I don't know if this is an Architect or XCopy problem, but since v 439 scandinavian characters in path name prevents deploying. This was not the case with earlier versions.

    This happened in...
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    Same observation here! xds file keeps deploying.

    Win Vista Business x64
  15. Hi! This i merely a aesthetic issue and code executes ok, but I guess it should be fixed at some point.

    Opening code view of my controllers I get the following error message with all views:, and...
  16. Hi! I have similar problems as above. I'm getting an extra comma and one misplaced, well it's technically in place but not correctly in terms of layout. It looks like this:

  17. Hi!

    The problem got finally solved. I had actually misinterpreted the main reason, which I thought was the grid, but the actual problem was the model that refused to accept my assignment of...
  18. This is probably not a designer alone problem, but I post it here because I work mainly with Designer 2.

    In my effort to develop a dynamic model/store/grid creation I've done the following:

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    Even a word of encouragement for us awaiting would do. Please.
  20. Hi!

    My old project imports correctly! I did some minor editing and exported to a new location - not to risk my working project. I got this warning:

    "The following components are missing a...
  21. Thank You Phil, Devshi and CaliLuke.

    This new Beta version looks very promising. Now I can continue working on my project in its present framework version with the new Designer. My next step is to...
  22. Hi!

    I report this because a message box asked me to. It said: Unexpected error occurred. Please help us make Designer better by reporting this error to the Designer forums. And in the box:...
  23. Hi! Sorry about that 'huge' thing. But I have split up the project into pieces and inserted only parts I've found problems with. So I send you three xds files made with Designer 1.1.2:
  24. Ok! I have to retreat a bit. I opened the project again and noticed that:

    - the linked classes are in place, but the layout is lost. Elements are not in original places.
    - field labels in forms...
  25. Hi!

    I've uninstalled the Designer 1.2 Beta and made a new download and installation. It would be like ExtDesigner-1.2.0 Beta1. Is this the fixed version?

    If not where can I download it. If yes...
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