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  1. Any examples of dataView using checkboxes?

    dataView seems to be the stuff to render out a list from some JSON but how can checkboxes be incorporated into the list?
  2. when you look at the source code of the browser...

    when you look at the source code of the browser view of your jsonFeed.php file is it exactly as needed or are there any other text bits like headers or html. You should only have pure text in the...
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    nestedList detailCard as in the help files

    it says in the linked help files about the detailCard:

    Ext.create('Ext.NestedList', {
    fullscreen: true,
    store: treeStore,
    detailCard: {
    html: 'You are viewing the detail...
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    Found the solution

    I had the structure wrong for the nestedList it should have been

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    NestedList loading treeGrid JSON data

    Hi, I'm trying to use the nestedList project example issued as an example by bharatn here (which I have working) .
    If you look at the JSON file in that example you will notice that it does not...
  6. [OPEN] Worked for me!

    Thanks all_out

    I followed your post exactly and it works fine.
    I agree that the PATH issue is the stumbling block.
    Once I altered my PATH to include C:\Program...
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