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  1. Synchronizing combo boxes and tag fields.

    A client has a request that an applicant be able to make a primary selection from a list of options, but then also multiple selections from the same options. The values in primary and secondary can't...
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    Question revised. X, Y and Z can be applications...

    Question revised. X, Y and Z can be applications on their own, but that's not relevant. I'm concerned about the files X.js and Y.js.
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    Not running multiple applications. It's one...

    Not running multiple applications. It's one application but extending from other classes. I want to organize the files such that the files for the other classes are not in the same directory as...
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    Using CMD, and cannot create different apps, just...

    Using CMD, and cannot create different apps, just the files. It works with X.js and Y.js in the same directory as Application.js, but the company doesn't want X.js and Y.js in plain sight.
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    Organizing files under app/

    We have application classes X, Y, and Z where Y extends X, and Z extends Y.

    X is in file X.js.
    Y is in file Y.js.
    Z is in file Application.js.

    We also have a large company with developers of...
  6. xtype: 'grid' with columns and store

    xtype: 'grid' with columns and store
  7. Possible to make grid layout horizontal?

    Like rotating the table clockwise 90°, so the data is column-centric instead of row-centric.

    Why? For example, you can hide the headings and grid lines and have an iconic representation to...
  8. Neither of those are breadth-first searches, I...

    Neither of those are breadth-first searches, I even included the results of those searches to show that they weren't breadth-first searches.
  9. Help adding a new class to an application

    I originally had my launch code in app.js for testing purposes, I'd like to move it to another folder in another file as a custom application.

    This is what app.js looks like now:

  10. Ext.ComponentQuery: implementing a breadth-first search

    I'd like matches higher in the hierarchy to appear before matches lower in the hierarchy.


    For example, if nodes D, E, G, and H matched the search criteria, I would get the results in this...
  11. How to invoke validation for FieldContainer?

    From the on-line documentation: FieldContainer is a derivation of Ext.container.Container that implements the Ext.form.Labelable mixin. This allows it to be configured so that it is rendered with a...
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    Custom form initialization

    We're doing some work with custom form initialization, in particular, setting up events where components on a form interact with each other. For example, an age text field is triggered by changes in...
  13. Figured it out. In ExtJS 6.5, the functionality...

    Figured it out. In ExtJS 6.5, the functionality is present.

    For ExtJS, 6.0 to 6.2, a workaround is to use store: {data: [{object1}, {object2}, ..., {objectN}]} or you might be able to override...
  14. Allow combobox and tagfield to use array of objects as store

    Currently you can specify a store in combobox or tagfield directly in several ways, including an array of strings, and an array of subarrays with pairs of values.

    I'd like to be able to specify a...
  15. Sencha workspace/app upgrade giving confusing error message

    I'm trying to upgrade a workspace and all of its apps from version to version

    The workspace builds correctly in and a copy of it is located here:
  16. Think I've found it. There is one substantive...

    Think I've found it. There is one substantive difference in Sortable.js between 5.1.0 and 6.1.0 outlined here:...
  17. Fails in 5.1.0 and 5.1.1. I was hoping for...

    Fails in 5.1.0 and 5.1.1. I was hoping for something more elegant and less convoluted than creating a store, then pulling it all out again to put in back in the array. I think I'd have to iterate...
  18. Using Ext.util.Sortable to sort an array

    I'd like to reuse the sorters of a store to create a comparison function to sort an array. Here's the code I have simplified:

    // Data to sort
    var data =[
    {rank:2, name:'Zebra'},
  19. Turns out someone committed code to establish a...

    Turns out someone committed code to establish a secure connection in a standard environment which ended up not working on our local environments. Change reverted and now it works again!
  20. Have confirmed the issue was with legacy code...

    Have confirmed the issue was with legacy code traced to the use of a container with hbox layout with a label inside, e.g. like this:

    xtype: 'container',
    layout: {

    type: 'hbox'...
  21. sencha web start - failed to resolve server URL

    Starting just this morning, I can no longer get the local web service running:

    > sencha web start
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.26
    [INF] Mapping http://localhost:1841/ to ....
  22. Issue with click, refresh and scroll events

    In some longer forms which use a scroll bar to move to the last elements, we're encountering a bizarre problem. In most cases it works like this:
    scroll to an element
    click to set focus on the...

    Thank you. I did try that, but it wasn't having any effect. I came up with this:

    // TODO: remove this and define as CSS = 'bold';
  24. Ext.form.RadioGroup setting style of fieldLabel

    I understand the field label has complex styling and formatting involved during creation, wondering if there is a way to get to the element after it is created to restyle it?

    E.g. before:

  25. Resolved

    Standards and compliance has overridden UI/UX and indicated they want the action linked to TAB or ENTER as opposed to clicking a button. Problem is not a problem any more!
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