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    problem aligning bttons in toolbar

    Hi I make some modification in extJS by adding some CSS files and overriding original extJS CSS rules.
    My ploblem start's when in extjs 3.1 the function "onLayout" of "Ext.layout.ToolbarLayout"...
  2. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] Difference between IE error message and Firefox error message

    Hi everyone
    the error message for invalid field value has changed in Ext 3, (IE)
    But it is the same is Firefox,It's smaller and it's without any red mark,
    Is it a bug?
    Thank you
  3. Notification message change in extjs 3 in Ie7

    have you noticed that the notification message is simplified in ext3 and only in ie ?
    Is this a bug or is it the way it should be?
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