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    Updates / uipgrades

    Should i wait for the new stable versions of Sencha Cmd and Touch SDK for android native Packaging.

    or should i revert back to old versions which works ?

    i am having issues with the current...
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    Sencha CMD and SDK

    Which version of SDK works with Sencha cmd and native apps for android can be packaged.

    I tried using the latest touch 2.2.1 and Sencha cmd v3.1.2.342 and it gives "package file not signed...
  3. [NOREPRO] Followed the steps of manual resign but still did not work

    - Build Release (not Debug) with Cmd 250 - Touch 2.1 GA
    - rename .apk to .zip (convenience)
    - delete META-INF folder in zip fila
    - rename .zip to .apk
    - resign with jarsigner: ...
  4. [NOREPRO] Published Android apk gives error “Package file was not signed correctly”

    I am using the latest SDK and Sencha Cmd to package for android.

    get this error while installing the app from playstore when others try to install the app ?

    is it a bug with the SDK or Sencha...
  5. it is down again now

    it is down again now down: 504 Gateway Time-out:
  6. heroku logs

    i get this in the heroku logs

    2012-10-02T21:07:17+00:00 heroku[slugc]: Slug compilation finished
    2012-10-02T21:07:18+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Starting process with command `node app.js`...
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