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    Your idea of an "auto height grid" may be...

    Your idea of an "auto height grid" may be different from mine, but here is what worked for me when my grids were misbehaving in GXT 2.2.5:

    public class AutoHeightGrid<M> extends Grid<M> {

  2. Firefox 41 broken for GXT 2.2.5 and GWT < 2.7.

    We have an internal application that uses GXT 2.2.5 / GWT 2.4. However, this application is now breaking with Firefox 41:
  3. SplitBar accidentally becoming disabled on TabPanel.


    I have a TabPanel with two tabs; one of the tabs ("Tab A") uses a BorderLayout with a SplitBar, and the other one ("Tab B") doesn't. Each tab displays a particular view of common underlying...
  4. Hiding unwanted scrollbars on TreePanel (GXT-2.2.5)


    I have embedded a TreePanel inside a ContentPanel, and have configured the ContentPanel to have AUTOX scroll behaviour. However, whenever the TreePanel content overflows, I am getting...
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