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  1. same here on a mac

    in addition i get in the console:
    XTemplate Error: maxLength is not defined @ext-all-dev.js:10974

    some more information:
    the hiddenfield is in a form panel with vbox layout...
  2. seems to be fixed with one of the last updates.

  3. Hi,

    it shure is a display issue, because it was working after those two days.

    I will send you further info as soon as possible, but atm i'm on a two week vacation.

    So long...
  4. Hi folks,

    today I installed Sencha Designer 2.x (preview) using the Unix x64 version.
    I also have an old Ext Designer 1.x (trial) installed, which will expire in two days (as of 2011-11-07)....
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