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    If I create a symbol of a sprite animation the sprite animation is not played when using this symbol on the timeline. If I open the symbol for editing the sprite is animated within.
    Can't I create...
  2. Thank you. It is like I feared then but I had to ask in case I had missed something. Will have to try the rotate trick.
  3. When animating objects they go in a straight line between keyframes. Is it possible to move them on a curve or arched path from A. to C. via B.?
  4. Thanks. It was a qt issue. I found a solution here: Install qt4-qtconfig, run qtconfig and set GUI Style to GTK+. All looks normal now.
  5. After I've installed Sencha some applications no longer uses my system gtk theme but are defaulting to a ugly default gtk-theme.
    Applications found so far is Sencha animator itself (only menu bar),...
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