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  1. While I could do this, there are some drawbacks.

    1) I can't exclude the components that I don't need.
    2) It's a lot more difficult to do a complete theme to override all of the background colors,...
  2. I'm using Mindscape Web Workbench to compile my SASS in visual studio.

    The problem I'm having is this error:
    File to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3.

    I even tried compiling in the...
  3. Along the same lines as the jQuery-UI theme roller, I'm wondering if there is a similar theme engine for Sencha Touch?

    It would be really nice to be able to apply styles and see the results in...
  4. Ah, but the container has that method

  5. Thanks rdougan. I tried the following and got this error

    toggle: function(container, button, pressed){
    var buttonText = button.getText();
  6. I'm working with a SegmentedButton and I need to be able to reset all buttons to pressed=false after they're pressed.

    The reason for this is that I don't want a toggle button, but more of an...
  7. Strange, I tried it again and it works. Sorry for not believing you ;-)

    side note: my editor (webstorm) sees getText() as an unresolved function or method.
  8. I also agree with the above. I started a V1 app last summer and made the jump to V2PR1, and that was a HUGE mistake (back then).

    ST2 is stabilized enough now that going with V1 would be a massive...
  9. any chance you can wrap that last code bit in a [ code ] block?
  10. I'm actually logging as much as I can


    I can see in the output of the 'button'...
  11. nope, sorry.. that's not it.
  12. It's working now in Beta2 - I tested it.

    Make sure you're using the current CSS and JS files.
  13. I'm working through the SegmentedButton docs and I'm trying to add a listener for the buttons.

    Problem is that it's text is undefined. Not sure why.

    { // BUTTON ROW
  14. This is going to get me going in the right direction. Seems like theming could be a chore though.
  15. How can I use the native
    xtype: 'button'; and still style them to look like the row of buttons shown in this app?

    featured | connections | growth


    NOTE: I'm using an IDE that...
  16. I did some more testing, turns out that I had to put the config on the inner panels, not on the carousel.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.Carousel',
  17. I'll try and prep a test case a little later in the day.
  18. My second code example shows that. Actually the second example is what makes most sense to me, yet it's still behaving the same as that bug report.

    Could it be because the 'items' are more panels?
  19. What code have you got so far?
  20. I've got a carousel defined.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.Carousel',
    alias: '',
    direction: 'horizontal',
  21. Woops, forget I said anything. I forgot to update the CSS file.
  22. I've just downloaded Beta2 and it's still present.

    When I look at the DOM, I can see the content of each partial view, but it's not being displayed in the browser... It's like it's hidden or...
  23. Forget it. Naming convention changed from "viewport" to "Viewport"
  24. In my code I'm trying to get the ViewPort width. This worked in PR2 but doesn't work in Beta 1

    var viewportWidth = Ext.viewport.getWidth();

    Is there a new way to approach this?
  25. I figured out my problem. The suggestion made to me in order to dynamically adjust the width was to use

    var pageHeight = parentElement.clientWidth;

    After setting the smoke alarm off from my...
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