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    I don't think you have to worry. I read this as meaning there will be two product offerings, one for Java-GWT developers, and one for non-GWT developers. After that, I could only guess they mean to...
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    I couldn't agree more. I'd also argue that Ext JS itself is becoming more complex than it should. When I follow Sencha's prescribed architecture(s), then I easily find my application to be javascript...
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    Just went to w2ui ... a breath of fresh air. It's light and has a very nice grid.


    I am not affiliated.
  4. Until this gets fixed, I use the following hack/workaround which is working fine for me.

    Ext.override(Ext.view.Table, {
    Temporary fix for bug in ExtJS 4.2.1. See:...
  5. Ok, this is driving me NUTS.

    I deleted my browser cookies/history. Then ran my own sample code again (see above) and everything worked (the store was not auto loading). I then SORTED the "test"...
  6. Well now that is odd :( It auto-loads for me with the last example code. The hunt continues. Thanks Animal.
  7. Right, which is what I have in my production code.... which is now loading twice on render. Once because I explicitly load on render, and once because of the fore-mentioned changes to 4.2.0.

  8. Here we go. I hacked a quick test script. This test loads the store automatically when it shouldn't.

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    storeId: 'test-store-id',
  9. I haven't completely solved my problem but I've discovered a change in AbstractStore.js that is causing the difference in my app between 4.1.1 and 4.2.0

    If I have this on my store:

  10. Hmm.. the difference between 4.1.1 and 4.2.0 only appears in my production application. I just tried to create a simplified grid outside my application that exhibits the problem... but cannot. There...
  11. I had the same issue described with the store loading on my combo's with remoteFilter:true. I applied the patch and that issue was resolved. However...

    I have grids with the following settings on...
  12. I put together a short how-to using Java/Batik:
  13. I just setup my own service for processing svg to png. You can read about it here:
  14. I had to tweak you're solution for ExtJS 4 RC3:

    findRecord: function(field, value) {
    var ds =;
    var idx = ds.findExact(field, value);
    if(idx === -1 &&...
  15. ... strange. The 32bit version runs perfectly for me on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64. I can save and open my projects.

    The fact that people have to cross their fingers and hope for the best when running a...
  16. Oddly, I just installed the 32 bit version of Ext Designer on my Ubuntu 64 bit OS and it worked.
  17. Thanks for looking at this. I just bought a license for designer but I can't use it until it works on linux amd64. None of the "workarounds" are working for me..
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    As a small tweak to the above, If you want to only apply the css to a specific grid you can:

    put this in your grid panel config

    id: 'my-special-grid'
  19. An important quote from the second link in the post above:

    "It has been made very clear that the ASP loophole is not a loophole anymore. It is perfectly fine to change GPLv3 software and offer it...
  20. After stumbling around i've found this to work. I need to verify that it is indeed doing what it is supposed to, but I believe it is.

    Include this after ext-all.js:

    if (Ext.isIE) {
  21. This bug describes exactly what I'm seeing with my ext app. I've tried the workarounds to verify that I am experiencing the same issue... but in production none of these workarounds is a viable...
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    I have implemented my own StateProvider and so far so good. I get free state restoration of sorting and show / hide columns. Has anyone managed to use a GroupingView / GroupingStore in a GridPanel...
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    OK.. I'm a dweeb. I've figured it out and now I'm starting to see the EXT matrix ;)

    I now realize that you can call the function "fieldset" multiple times on a single Ext.form.Form object and...
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    I spoke too soon. IE6 throws an error. "Invalid source HTML for this operation". Have to keep fiddling around I guess.

    I suspect IE is nesting form elements and therefore throws the error while...
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    Everything seems to work both in terms of html rendering and Ext's form functionality (all values submitted). End result attached as image.
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