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  1. We have both developing and production mode in windows 2008 server as well. Customer may browse the application in Windows 2008 server with IE-10. Also we need test the application in this...
  2. Same is observed. Here are the steps followed:
    Step1: Navigate to and open the MenuBar example
    Step2: Selected File > Open File > readme.txt
    Step3: Again re-visited...
  3. I am using GXT2.3.0. Even I checked with GXT2.3.0 examples and found the same issue(attached image below). Seems this issue is not fixed. Please provide any hot fix if available ready.

  4. Hi,

    In my application, we encountered an issue with menu items on every selection. Previous selected menu items are shown as selected for every visit. Please see the attached image.
  5. Hi,

    Is there any default test suit for ext-gwt applications? [ex: Junit for java applications]

    Sample Test Case Example:

    Let us suppose I have a simple form panel with few GXT...
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