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    This error is most likely caused by an expired trial license, for example if you have previously started a trial of Sencha Test that has since expired.

    Admittedly, the message displayed within...
  2. Hi,

    Sencha Cmd 6.1.2 is now available, either by running "sencha upgrade", or by downloading from here:

    Release notes can be found here:...
  3. You will have 40 x-credits for the duration of your subscription, which runs for a year. When you renew, you will start off again with 40 x-credits that can be used throughout your subscription...
  4. Hi,

    We don't currently have the capability (via a JavaScript API) to close the current app, or return the user to the Select Organization screen.

    The user is responsible for logging out of...
  5. @senchawill - Just closing the loop here. I've sent an email to you regarding the status of the desktop client for Mac.

    Please feel free to email me with any follow-up questions you might have.
  6. The Camera API already has a way to save an image directly to a SecureFiles collection, so there is no need to convert and store the Base64 data.

    You should instead set the collection and...
  7. I just tried via the Console for an offline app in iOS Simulator: "window.location.reload()" and the app reloads. Where are you firing that reload event? Are you sure the code is being fired?

  8. I don't believe there are plans right now, but I will pass that requirement to the dev team for consideration. They are currently hard at work on the next release of Web App Manager, due for release...
  9. This isn't possible right now - the user makes the decision whether to download the updated app.

    If you needed to force an app to be updated right now, you could maybe delete the app entry in...
  10. Hi,

    Please can you check to make sure you're using the latest version of "space.js", from here:

    You will also need to save a local copy of space.js to the...
  11. Hi Rob,

    Apologies for the inconvenience this issue has caused; I can completely understand your frustration here.

    We would like to help get this resolved, and in order to do that I have a...
  12. @systemx: Apologies for the issues here - this shouldn't be happening! I'll send a PM to you shortly, to share contact info and help get this resolved.

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    Debugging can be achieved on the Windows desktop client, however the user that's logged in needs to have the "Developer" role enabled through the management interface for the User:


  14. Hi.

    We do also offer a custom branded version of the client apps, with your own app name, icon etc, that you are able to sign and submit to the respective app stores, so your users would see your...
  15. Hi Gaurav,

    Have you tried this using the latest version of the Web Application Manager clients from the app stores, and latest copy of "space.js" (from here:

  16. Hi Rob,

    Did you manage to get the debug client working again? The latest version can be downloaded from our docs here: (click on...
  17. Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. I came across this same issue today myself.

    Seems to only affect archive-deployed apps, with the WebView not resizing its height...
  18. Frank, thanks for your interest in Sencha!

    Our products are licensed to named developers, so this allows you to deploy an unlimited number of applications to your customers for them to use,...
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    The multiple "get" calls should all return a promise - we will look in to why this isn't working as expected.

    There is a slightly different, recommended way of doing the same type of action that...
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    Just a quick note to say the GXT examples are back online.

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    Thanks, we're taking a look in to this now. I'll post an update once the examples are back online.
  22. Ext JS is licensed to named developers, and this allows you, as a developer, to deploy an unlimited number of applications to any of your customers for them to use, subject to the terms of our...
  23. Our frameworks and bundles are sold with the first year of support and maintenance as standard. There isn't an option to buy without.

    This does mean you will have access to all of the support and...
  24. You need to make the decision as to which license is best for your particular use case - Commercial or Open Source (GPLv3). Although the GPLv3 license has many terms, the most important is that you...
  25. To carry on getting access to support services, then support & maintenance needs to be renewed annually.

    You have the option of not renewing support & maintenance after the first year, but just...
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