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  1. I have the same issue with the last version of Sencha Architect.
    I don't know what is wrong. The json is valid. The prox ajax and reader json and good rootProperty.
    But "Unable to load data. Click...
  2. Ok that was stupid :

    {"Content-Type": "application/json", "X-PPP-Application-Id" : "mykey", "X-PPP-REST-API-Key": "mykey2"} works just fine
  3. Same question.. :s I'm sure it's stupid.. But can't find the answer

    I would like to set the headers object in my proxy what I can do by hand and it works just fine.

    headers: {
  4. Replies

    I'm also really interested in using Sencha io, looks awesome (and not very expensive for now :) ) but saw those limits in the terms :
    Quota & LimitsSencha has certain soft and hard limits...
  5. Hello !

    I've added at the top of myprojectname/resources/sass/app.scss

    But unfortunatly it didn't solved all my issues..

    Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274
  6. Ok! Thank you for the reply ! :)
    I guess I'll go with a panel displaying a few flags at the first launch of the app. And I'll add a language settings in my settings panel.
    That's not too bad.
  7. Hello,

    I would like to create an App for the app store and play store.
    Is it technically possible to make a Sencha Touch app with multi-language like a native app ?
    An example :

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