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  1. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 991

    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.2

  2. Any news regarding this topic?
  3. I am trying to implement an errorReader for my form.

    Following this example:
    and creating an override of the whole form, just...
  4. Since I found this thread very helpful I decided to post the code that was working for me with ExtJS4.2

    Ext.override(, {
    asXml : function(rowIndex) {
    var r =...
  5. I found this usefull thread

    and it works alright. However, when I try to use a generated store...
  6. Hello,
    I am trying to populate a form using a store. Everything works for the direct children of the formpanel. However, for decoration purposes I included further panels and containers.

  7. That would be great.
    Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello,
    I want to deploy an ExtJS4 App alongside an existing extjs3 app. After using the search I found out about sandboxing. However I am using Sencha Architect 2.2 which generates most of the code...
  9. Dear Community,
    I am trying to retrieve Data from a REST-Service poppulating it to a store using sencha architect.

    Following this I was able to get authenticate without using SA:...
  10. I just installed an older version from here:

    and everything works fine with this one (Sencha Architect...
  11. Hello I am new to Sencha and trying to install the 30day trial version of sencha architect 2.2

    After installation, I can enter my sencha id and password. Clicking the sign in button ends up in a...
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