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  1. Thank you guys for your interest in the extension. I currently don't have any projects using ExtJS anymore, but will try to make this plugin work w Ext 4.0 in the near future due to quite a number of...
  2. The SplitRegion is tightly coupled with the BorderLayout which has the concept of regions (N, S, E, W) .. so I guess there is no other solution but writing a new Splitter component for VBoxLayout.
  3. Thanks Stephan, I've also received a couple of requests regarding the Tap-Strips on the right.
    Will make an upgrade this week to add this feature in. This shouldn't be a big task.
  4. Thanks for the noted fix, Andrew !
  5. @nxminh: Thanks man. Yes, It works with ExtJS 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.
  6. Thank you guys !

    @mitchellsimoen: Yeah, nice idea. I think I could add that functionality to the extension.. but not sure if that's a bit too funky for majority of desktop-like web apps.
  7. @dcoan: Thank you for the thumb up ! :)
    @ikovaltaras: Unfortunately, no. I wrote this for my ExtJS-based project only.
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    Putting the whole form panel inside a grid cell is too cumbersome !! You can try using TriggerField or TwinTriggerField as ColumnEditor..
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    Putting the whole form panel inside a grid cell is too cumbersome !! You can try using TriggerField or TwinTriggerField as ColumnEditor.
  10. Check out my post at Probably could help you with the Vertical TabPanel. :)

  11. I created this extension called Vertical TabPanel since Ext 3.1.1. As ExtJS currently just supports Horizontal TabPanel.
    Basically this extension works the same way as the regular horizontal...
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    EditorGridPanel has config property ColumnModel which has columns .

    And in the Ext.grid.Column you have editor. You can specify textarea there.
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    Nice ux man. I've implemented something like this before. Wrapping CodeMirror around by an Ext field.
    However, CodeMirror (0.8 I tried) is still buggy in showing pointer cursor cross-browser.. so I...
  14. Hi,

    Thanks for the great extension combining the TreeGrid and EditorPanel.
    I've got a question regarding the performance issue of your extension.

    Do you have any advice on the number of Rows...
  15. Wow, great to know you had the same idea. Yeah, I think this should be soon included in the code base. :)
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    Hi Nesta,

    Looks like I have created an extension that meets your need :)

  17. ExtJs has two well-known layouts called Accordion and Vbox.

    Basically, in a vertical list of panels, AccordionLayout manages multiple Panels in an expandable accordion style such that only one ...
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    You guys can check out my simple ext 3.1.1 Vertical Tabpanel here :)
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    Experiencing the same thing. What you can do is set your

    new Ext.form.TriggerField({
    ctCls : 'x-lower-z-order' // my case 5000

    and in your CSS, specify:
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    Ext.override(Ext.Element, {
    // Call the passed function on the current Element, and all its descendants
    cascade: function(fn, scope, args) {
    if(fn.apply(scope || this, args || [this])...
  21. dan, I did this trick in one of my projects with GridPanel. Tested working with TreePanel on FF 3.6, and IE 7. :)

    You probably could try testing with the ExtJs samples coming in the download...
  22. This is supposed to work in IE7, FF 3.6.. and other browsers:

    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    listeners: {
    render: function() {
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    You can make the first Item as the Menu title as below:

    var menu = new{
    items: [
    // This could be your menu title
  24. What are you trying to do ?
  25. Thanks for your note Steve :D

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