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  1. Thanks, Gary.
    How do I follow the status?
    Please update that the subclass Ext.form.Combo also has the same issue
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext,, 3.4.0
    Browser versions tested

    FF 35.01
    Chrome 40.0.2214.115m
  3. Replies
    AFAIK, Ext.js 5 should be backwards compatible with Ext 4.2... So, I just copied and pasted the previous code to Sencha fiddle and it worked!
  4. Please take a look at this POC:

    It worked with minor issues on Chrome and FF, and a few more on IE8. Since this code changes Ext’s default behavior, I...
  5. Hi, @kpilandMy fix was for ext.js 4.1.3 and so far I didn't get any regression. Best,
  6. Thanks for the response, Mike and Evan.@evant , can the issue #1 be converted to a feature request? I mean, not changing the sample code, but providing a "view in full screen" API to collapse all...
  7. Hi,

    I appreciate the effort of having Ext.js applications working on mobile touch-screen devices. The Ext,js 5 beta release announcement says "Ext JS 5 supports [...] the latest tablet platforms...
  8. Replies
    Using id could lead to future bugs due to name collision, as the application grows, components get reused, development teams grows and people get reallocated. Your colleague's approach relies on...
  9. Thanks, Arthur, I'll take a look at these approaches and get back to this post later. Rds,
  10. Alex,

    There is some logic to handle multi browser tabs and idle session using localStorage that needs to be avoided once logout is requested. That's why I have to stop to listen to events on my...
  11. Thanks for your quickly repply, @scottmartin

    Since I don't need to destroy the controller, in Ext 4.2.2 I would just need this part of your code:

    //remove controller listeners using private...
  12. The addListener() method (present in Component, Observer, etc.) has its opposite removeListener().

    How can I unregister envents subscribed via Controller's control() method?
  13. What is the recommended way to reduce the number of HTTP requests for images on RIA using Ext.js 4?
    As per YSlow performance rules, the preferred method is to use 'CSS Sprites', which can be very...
  14. Also calling a click event would be useful for QA (GUI test automation). Instead of trying to understand the developer code to find which function is the actual handler, the GUI tester could have a...
  15. Hi, @slemmon
    Regarding!/api/ , the `beforesort` event is not documented and it doesn't stop sorting if the event handler returns false...
  16. This fix was tested at runtime on the latest Chrome. Please let me know if you find an issue with it.

    /** * Fix for extjs3 JsonReader when root is defined like "myRoot.myProperty" and result...
  17. Ext 3.1.1
    JsonReader crashes when the responseText is similar to this:

    And root property is "devices.device"

    I have a fix for this issue, I'll post it here in a...
  18. I believe this should fix the issue in the root cause, on the method. We should check for the "parent" property before calling the "child" one. The difference is...
  19. Thanks for the answer, @evant. Your suggestion works my given example.

    Right, but there is still an issue with Json reader when the HTTP response is Status Code: 204 No Content and at least...
  20. @evant , the link doesn't include ExtJs 4.1.3.

    Please check a simplified version of my code bellow.

    My store:

    Ext.define('', {
  21. @evant, I see the same problem in 4.1.3. Which version has the mentioned fix for this bug?
  22. Hi, could Sencha provide a public API to destroy a store and it's cached data?
  23. The answer is using a function.

    E.g.: to read

    "result": {
    "@total": 10 //, ...
  24. Hi, how to tell a JSON reader that deals with a REST proxy that the totalProperty is "@total"?
  25. Another fix: when user adds a task w/o setting its priority, the app tries to load a wrong image. To fix it, please add this "if" on the tpl property of the grid priority column:

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