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  1. Hi,

    Below is the code, i want to apply bold style to only "Projec Title" not for value. I tried but its getting applied to both.

    Label projectTitle =new Label();
  2. Hi ,

    I tried setting EmployeeModel in the valueProvider as below

    ListFilter<CompanyModel, EmployeeModel> employeeFilter = new ListFilter<CompanyModel, EmployeeModel>(new...
  3. Any one got a chance to look into this ??
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    You are missing the values attribute, Please try

    "City: <tpl if="values.remitToCity == null">Not Available</tpl><tpl if="values.remitToCity != null">{remitToCity}</tpl>"

    This used to work for...
  5. Using the following versions:
    - GWT 2.6.1
    - GXT 3.1.1

    I have the Companygrid with empName as one of its column. I was trying to add remoterfilter in this column. I want empName(s) to be...
  6. Hi

    Thanks for your reply. This is working for the cell background though the entire cell is not covered. There seems to be some padding issues.

    I tried the below code, and the Text color is...
  7. Hi,

    Could you please let me know how can a row/cell background color could be set to any color?

    I would also like to know how a row/cell text color can be set to any color.

  8. Hi,

    We are trying to add a parameter (token) to every ComboBox load request by setting it in the load config of the loader.

    Below is sample code:

    ComboBox<BeanModel> cmbMyStatus = new...
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    I can notice that font size for text in IE(all versions) is little bit larger than any other browsers. Could you let me know how to fix this to have a same look as that of other browsers.
  10. Yes, I tried with different cache size. Even then I got multiple request with same value.
  11. Initailly it displayed 11 rows and I am using Ext GWT 2.2.5.
  12. I have a live grid view implemented as in the LiveGridEample. When I do scrolling on this multiple request are made with the same offset and limit value.

    I have my
    LiveGridView.cachesize as 20...
  13. Sven,
    I found one workaround.
    As the issue is related with GWT, hence I used 'com.sencha.gxt.core.rebind.useragent.UserAgentPropertyGenerator' instead.
  14. I referred to URL ( - any solution provided to fix the reported issue?
  15. Thanks Sven for instant response. I am using GWT 2.4.0, as you pointed I changed the xml file entry to -

    <!DOCTYPE module PUBLIC "-//Google Inc.//DTD Google Web Toolkit 2.4.0//EN"...
  16. Hi,
    I tried to upgrade my application to use GXT3 with existing GXT2 hence I followed the steps mentioned in GXT3 setup.txt and steps in URL -...
  17. Please find entry point example attached. I have removed jar files, please add required jars to the project. We can see this issue by running this example in dev mode.

  18. Strange part is in dev mode it is working fine. Even if I provide you the entry point example then it will be of no use. I am facing this issue when the ear is deployed on any of the servers.

  19. I have a grid in GXT with few hidden columns. When I un-hide these hidden columns, the data is displayed in the grid bit, the column headers are not displayed. This is happening in all browsers....
  20. Hi,
    With above approach, I could add the flash component to html.

    Now the issue is how to communicate with the swf to use its functions.
    For example: 'player.swf' exposes function fl_play() with...
  21. All !!!
    Here is the summary the steps what I am following and need your suggestion for guidance:
    1. Using FlashComponent adding my swf(miniPlayer.swf) to my application.
    Important to update that...
  22. Thanks Sven!!

    I want the ways to communicate to any particular swf. My goal is how to communicate with swf by means of the exposed methods. Suppose the swf file can respond to method invokes...
  23. We are using a flash player added to our application header( which is basically a toolbar).
    Created a wrapper class which takes in the required flash player and files to be played dynamically
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    I am using file zipping functionality by using in my application. When I compile my GWT project, it throws folllowing exception.

    [ERROR] Line 15: The import
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