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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am curious, what do you mean on lazy loading the script files? I've included my 3rd party scripts in my app.json but I am getting an error saying that Uncaught ReferenceError: XY is not...
  2. Hi Brice,

    It's a Success! I've deleted all those files you have mentioned and changed to -build-android istead of -build-all. Now If I run the packaging it all goes through fine. Cheers for all...
  3. Cheers Brice for the uber quick response. I dunno how I missed them.
    I've added them to my path. they seems fine now.
    However now when I do the package generation I get the following error

  4. Hi Brice,

    I am having similar issue as airaid, except I dont get the following msg in Command

    ANDROID_BIN="$'{'ANDROID_BIN:=$( which android )'}'"This is mine out put:

    [INF] ...
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