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    Will it somehow save us from Memory Leak?
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    Its home page says, "Ajax developer finds that a single Ajax library does not meet all of his requirements".
    In my case, Ext is enough. If Ext cannot meet our needs, well, let's try adjusting our...
  3. This sounds helpful!
  4. Any ideas?
  5. I think Jack's way is convenient enough.
  6. JavaScript is not a standard multi-thread language. You cannot "pause" the interpreting process. There are some solutions to imitate "pause" but I don't think them worth recommending.
    The most...
  7. I was glad to see Ext.Ajax in Ext 1.1 alpha but it is still heavier than what I usually need. It is just like an rich wrapper of Ajax request across browsers.
    Here is what I use now:

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    I'm afraid there is no easy way. I recommand the second idea of yours.
    Just seperate your old html pages into two parts: view and data.
    Any thing common, shared by all old pages, will be defined in...
  9. Sorry. I've made a silly mistake.
  10. Wonderful!!! I love it!
    When can the next release come up? It kills me to wait.
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    Will Ext add similar class?
  12. I guess you can do it:
    1) create a php page CachePage.php (or the like);
    2) when you visit the html page with Ext, it tries first to get html code from CachePage.php. If no data (or more...
  13. And another style of paging bar is also very popular. For example, the one this forum (vBulletin
  14. Ext should update its JsonReader with higher security level (probably following DWR 2.0), but this doesn't seem to be a high priority.
    I think we can use js to play a role of Ajax only when we have...
  15. Thanks, guys.
    Pitifully, my PC is too rubbishy to run an IDE. I tried Aptana and gave it up.
    Anyway, I will try to avoid using multiline strings. If I have to, I don't think the backslash pattern...
  16. Well, I think we don't need to go too far. XSLT is really too complicated. Above all, the main purposes of JavaScript and XSLT are different. If we need to call some functions, just do it before we...
  17. I just happened to find an uncommon way to write strings:

    var xmlstring = '<?xml version="1.0"?>\
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    Good job.
    I'm a Chinese, too. Glad to see your work.
    I suggest you make the preloading and preparing in the background. Show the welcome page first and let users be able to do something while the...
  19. Why not just use "leaf = true" instead of "isLoaded = true"?
  20. The outcome of a html editor is a independent html page (although just its <body> is visible and thus editable), so it must use an iframe.
  21. I'm glad to see you have made some brilliant improvements with Template. However, I maintain that:

    index (serial number) had better be a default;
    nesting <tpl> is needed.In my case, the sources...
  22. After a few days of using MasterTemplate happily, I found it still insufficient and wish for 4 features:
    1) Auto-filling arrays and nesting of <tpl>s
    A <tpl> can have a sub <tpl>;
    The name of a...
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    I have another simple solution for this (actually, just button icons): using a "aIconIndex" and access the icons through their names instead of xy-positions....
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    Another good idea! I'm enjoying it.
    BTW, my keyword for this is a simple "x".
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    Why do you guys want to create another IE which will work within IE?
    I know Ajax and Ext make it fully possible to introduce many characteristics of a browser into a web page. I am interested in and...
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