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  1. Any update on this bug? It still persist in version 6.0.1 and would be there in 6.0.2 it seems.
  2. When we say 'MyApp', the framework has the path configured to /app/ folder of the current application by default. So you don't need to specify it when you call the view. It is more like configuring...
  3. Sorry I am missing the point here.
  4. I suspect that the onNext function is not been executed in the same scope as onEdit function. Please do check what lies in the object of 'this' before closing the window. Probably it should be the...
  5. The main class is defined thus you can create it as you require. We always define a class before creating them. So here, we cannot substitute create for define and that won't serve any purpose even...
  6. The commitChanges() method is somehow contributing to the mishap that you are facing, I don't know why. But if you comment the commitChanges() method and run, it is fine.
  7. The easiest way is to set the start page your self. = ( * (value_selected_from_combobox-1))+1; that will give you the start value of each page you choose from the...
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    Looks good and works for me. Thought you need to check the path in the Main view of your app. By default, the path is like 'App.view.main.Main'. And you said you have written the file as you have...
  9. You are binding the value to the form using ViewModel. Thus ViewModel uses 'setValue()' method of the field to assign value, your form turns dirty at the very instant the page is loaded.

    If you...
  10. treeStore.setRoot({
    id: 'root',
    expanded: true,
    children: [
  11. I am into ExtJS for almost five years and I always tend to follow the best practices of the framework. On my initial days, I came to know that using Ext.getCmp is not advised so I avoided using it...
  12. Yeah. I get 0 all the time because the formula executes at the init of ViewModel. The store count is 0 at the time . i.e before loading any data into it. So this approach is a deadend. Found anything...
  13. That answer of yours made me look like a stupid. But it was right. Thanks anyway.
  14. I am using a treepanel component to visualize my data and I have added few columns to it.

    The issue is, when I add columns to treepanel, the cls and iconCls config that I have provided is totally...
  15. Or you can simply remove bootstrap.js from your test-runner.html and follow the legacy extjs loading method, i.e to include all the css and js files manually on the html file.

    This will work as it...
  16. I am trying to show a html table using dataview. The problem is table given in tpl renders twice in the dataview. I cannot find out why this is happening.:-?

    xtype: 'dataview',
  17. Any update on this bug? I am facing the same issue and I need to fix this ASAP. Anyone stumbled upon any hotfix? Please share.
  18. Any luck with this? I am facing the same issue exactly how mshete described it. So if anything you have done to overcome it, please share.
  19. I have worked based on Mr. Raghavan's example and with some minor tweeks, I have come up with a sample for ExtJS 6. It is not perfect yet but functional. I have made some changes in bootstrap.js...
  20. Any progress on this thread? We are waiting for proper REST support to implement HATEOAS in ExtJS 6 application.
  21. Great..:)
  22. You can try doing it on the chart's render event.

    chartRender : function (chart){
    var lineSeries = chart.series.get(0);
    lineSeries.listeners = {
  23. Hi Igor,

    Have you tried setting the rootVisible : true of the tree view?

    Premkumar. A
  24. Hi Prabu,

    We don't have a direct way to do this. So we have to do a work around. I have achieved similar thing for my bar and line chart. What I have managed to do is to handle the...
  25. :) Welcome
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