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  1. Thanks for yourresponse,

    this issue is reproducible with ExtJS example.

    Browser version: IE11.
    We saw...
  2. Hi,

    I Build an application using ExtJs 4.2.1. it manipulates huge amount of data and have too many components in it.When ever I refresh the browser the memory keep increasing and crashes the...
  3. Why dont u try image in css for that container and text will come automatically on top of it
    similar concept of tab...
  4. cell data is aligned improper and when mouse hover it will set to the actual alignment. the step i took to over come this issue

    > Refresh the grid view after view is ready (viewready event:...
  5. i got ur point but its totally huge code more than 30 pages available in the project..... :)
  6. no syntax error in the code as i see if any syntax error it has to show in console like expected ")" or smthing like this. but this error is no replicating for again but for different component...
  7. hi,
    i am getting this error " Object required ext-all.js, line 7 character 193896" but nor every time but its replicating in several cases "j=k.dom.firstChild.offsetWidth" this is the code in...
  8. hi,
    while i am trying to hide a buttongroup in a tool bar its showing 'Type mismatch.
    vat btn=Ext.getCmp('btn_id');

    can any one tell me what is wrong init. thanks in advance
  9. r u using Editor grid or regular grid.......
    u can get "modified" records as data set in Data model
  10. i am trying to load store with a xml string but its not working
    Ext.define('Book',{ extend: '',
    fields: [
    // set up the fields mapping into the...
  11. Replies
    it is firing the function but not according to the interval i set for it(10 ms or 100ms) its taking different time....
    FYI.....i am adding charts into a table in the function
  12. Replies
    var duration = 1000; var tmFunc = function(){ additemsToTable(); };
    setTimeout(tmFunc, duration);
    i tried like this but this is also not working....
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    this.task = { run: additemsToTable,
    interval: 10//10 ms
    var runner = new Ext.util.TaskRunner();

    in above code i want to fire a function at...
  14. hi,
    i am trying to add panels to the table layout container.... the pannels are adding but they are adding on vertical side not on horizontal......
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    is there any way to add a chart into a grid cell... like data view where we are adding images i want to render chart/form panel... can any one help on this.......... thanks in advance:-?
  16. hi,
    is it possible to add a panel (graph/grid/form) inside a grid cell like data view example... i want to add charts instead of images.... if it possible then tell me how.....
  17. new Ext.draw.Sprite({ id : 'draw-sprite-3',
    type : 'text',
    surface: comp.surface,
    text : 'Simple text',
    font : '12px Arial',
    x : 50,
    y : 50,
    width : 100,...
  18. thanks for ur response, i hav a issue on adding sprite into the surface but its not adding to the surface......
  19. Ext.define('ddr.Chart', { extend: 'Ext.draw.Component',
    title: 'Welcome!',
    viewBox: false,
    initComponent: function() {
    this.items = [{
    type: 'rect',
  20. hi,

    i am trying to extend 'Ext.draw.Component' draw class. object is created for the class but its not rendered in a window panel... can any one help me how to do this....
  21. 31065

    find the attachment im able to insert sprite into chart but not in exact position
  22. i am drawing new sprite to the surface, the sprites are rendering in the chart but i want to render that sprites in exact coordinates. i hav already the xy coordinates i want to render at perticular...
  23. programically i want to get the x-coordinate or y coordinate for a mapping(value) to draw a line at that point
  24. is der any way to XY co-ordinates from a plotted chart why because i want to draw a box on scatter chart
    can any one help me how to do
  25. can any one help me how to draw(Ext.Draw.Component) any path/line or rect on a chart.......
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