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  1. I just edited the expand method in the superbox.js file to be similar to the expand method in the combobox.js file:

    var listParent = Ext.getDom(this.getListParent() || Ext.getBody()),
  2. I am assuming, this is the culprit:

    getParentZIndex: function () {
    var zindex;
    if (this.ownerCt) {
    this.findParentBy(function (ct) {
    zindex =...
  3. Well, the combobox seems to be fine... it's the superboxselect. What changes were made to the combobox so I can apply to the superboxselect.
  4. Doesn't seem to be fixed in 3.2 Beta.
  5. Thanks... couldn't find the listing anywhere.
  6. Alright, so this is a strange bug. Basically, I open a window with a combo box in it and select an entry. I close that window then open up another one... close that window, then open the window...
  7. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...

    this css line jacks it up:


    Please remove this as a bug.
  8. Sorry, was on honeymoon and now currently in a massive snow storm.

    I will double check the issues. I just know that the windows were fine in 3.0 and when I upgraded to 3.1, the sizes were not...
  9. function doAbout() {
    if (!Ext.getCmp('winAbout')) {
    winAbout = new Ext.Window({
    id: 'winAbout',
    width: 305,
    height: 475,
  10. I am not sure if this is a bug, but there seems to be something different from Ext 3.0 and 3.1.

    If you create a window with a baseCls of 'x-plain', the window's contents will not be visible. In...
  11. var fileupload = new Ext.ux.form.FileUploadField({
    id: 'kbURL',
    allowBlank: false,
    name: 'documentURL',
    hideLabel: true,
    emptyText: 'Select a file',
    buttonCfg: {
  12. Nevermind -

    Doesn't look like factory pattern is going to work for me.
  13. Well, in my code above I have:

    updateDetail: function (data) {
    this.tpl.overwrite(this.detail.body, data);
    onRowSelect: function (sm, rowIdx, r) {
  14. Alright Animal, one more question...

    Here is my code... How can I create events using factory pattern. For example: LoadAll() - this will load all records on the current tab. Or, Edit - this...
  15. Okay, what direction should I lean to? Also, the window is fine, it's the tabs that I was trying to modify/reuse. Basically, they are all containing the same items (grid, a form, and a detail) only...
  16. Yes, I only need the one instance of the window and reuse it. I guess that is what I am asking. Thank you. And yes, you are correct with javascript... I feel like I am getting better at it???

  17. Anybody? Is the code no good? In Ext 3, should I be overriding the constructor instead of initComponent.

    Like I said, it works, but it's slow, especially in IE.

    I guess I just want to know...
  18. I think the updated code fires the 'fileselected' event twice. Possibly the 'change' event twice...
  19. Is it possible for someone to take a moment and look at my code. I am trying to create a window that enables me to edit content of a site, however, the window seems to be fine in FF3, but it's...
  20. Well, in order to get this to work, I had to use a Ext.Ajax.request and encode my Json Object in the jsonData...

    I just wondered if you could do it with form.submit()...

    Here is a sample:
  21. frif,

    Did you ever find an answer to your question? I was getting the same thing on form.submit().

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    I have a question about this whole getForm().submit() process.

    For example, why did this guy have to use an Ext.Ajax.request:

    method: 'POST',
    // params...
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    Getting "zip file currupt" when downloading.
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    Thank you very much - that was the issue.
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    You are not getting the error: 'tip has no properties' with the plugin in Ext 3.x?
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