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    Ext version tested:

    Current one, tested in your own example

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  2. Forget it, it works. I thought I was in 4.0.7, but apprently, i'm not, I try with 4.1.0 and it's good.

    Sorry to bother you.
  3. Hello

    I try to use your plugin but I get that message :

    BTW, in my code (it's ASP.NET), I have :
  4. Hello again.

    Finaly I will have to dig into that kind of representation, so I begin to work with your example. As you said, I must have problem into my data. What? I don't know I have to search....
  5. Hello

    In Ext-all-debug.js code, when I arrive on this line :

    surface = me.chart.surface,

    which is line 49303 (v4.0.7) surface get undefined because me.chart did not have the surface...
  6. OK, thanks for your help. apprently there's still bugs in charts....

    Besides that, I manage to explain to my boss that it is more clear to strat from 0 than another value...It is another way to...
  7. Yeah, it works, almost done...try to add stacked: true to see.
  8. Yes, your example works, but as soon as I ad a second field, it has the same results that mine. Try to add data2 in the store.
  9. I already try that, but it changes nothing, data are not diplayed well. I thinj there isa bug in the way data are diplayed or calculated id minimum value are different from 0. For maximum, iti is the...
  10. Hello

    With help from Gabnjo, (here : I manage to use Ext.js 4.1 in my poject but, as...
  11. No, it is why I try 4.1.

    Thanks, again...Layout are very hard too manage, we could make so many ways to organize things....
  12. Your my man. It works with charts too. Great.

    Besides that, the minimum value did not work :( :


    <title>Entity Charts</title>
  13. OK then, the problem is that I doesn't want to put pannel in items but charts.

    My first idea was to put charts into panel but it did not work because I see somewhere here that for chart to fit...
  14. Hello

    I want this layout :


  15. 4.0.7

    I try 4.0.1 but nothing works, and I have to hurry on project, no time to search why i did not work, I made a presentation thursday.
  16. Hello

    I have a stacked bar chart that display percentage like that :


    I have very little vaule on top so, I want to show it by moving my minimum value. I set it to 50 and here the...
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    Don't worry, it's good...The listeners was misplaced, I though it mus be attached to mask property, but in facts, it is a chart listeners....Shame on me.

    Besides that, first problem still here, if...
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    In reference to that thread ;

    I try to apply a zoom in a chart but I have 2 problems :
    first, if my...
  19. Yes, I tried that, in fact, it was my first thought when I saw it did not works, but I don't know how to return a date from my code behind. I work in VB.NET using and newtonsof.json. When I...
  20. Hello.

    I want to render a time axis in minutes and seconds, bu I didnt manage to achieve that. in my database, time is stored in seconds as an integer, when displaying, I have to translate inton...
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    I have big porblem with charting.

    I have to :
    add a title to my charts
    create a separation between charts

    Here, what I have to achieve.
  22. Hello

    Same problem here about border. Do you have found a solution?
  23. Hello

    I begin to use charting feature and I will have a lot of charts to deal with.

    i will have to draw data on 13 month rollibg (from january to january, or february to february and so on). i...
  24. Hello

    Yes, mes, same problem, I have abandoned row editor plugin to edit grid
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    Well, OK, wait and see
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