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  1. For events that are not defined/created for a given component, you can put a listener directly on the dom element itself for whatever you want.

    ie -
    chart.getEl().on('contextmenu', function () {...
  2. This has proven a great component. Thanks for sharing.

    I've made a minor change to the code so that the mouse event being monitored can be configured.

    For us, mousemove was a bit too...
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    Use the text field's regex mask to restrict input, and perform validation

    Not sure if there's something odd about your requirement, or just didnt know about this function.
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    I essentially had this same requirement recently, and decided to use a ux I found on these forums.

    You get the monitor started on login, and...
  6. For anyone interested ...

    The regex that works for me is ...


    This basically says it must start with something other than whitespace, end with something other than...
  7. I created my own button component, which has a component array (empty by default).

    This list of components are enabled/disabled based on the state of the button in question.


  8. I have a textfield component, where I want to allow the users to enter inline whitespace, but NOT leading or trailing whitespace.

    What I would like is for the following ... (treat the underscore...
  9. Unfortunately, when beforeload is run .. lastOptions have already been replaced in the AbstractStore.load
  10. I have a situation where I want to have the store.load only execute the remote loading if a request parameter has changed.

    I have a use case where a grid of records has a dependent grid based on...
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    I am hoping to find a real-world build process that someone has in place. Its not entirely clear to me if a post-senchaCmd build process is necessary.

    Today, we use sencha app build.

    Should I...
  12. I personally haven't tried this, but the premise is already out there using
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    on a grid, add

    requires: [
    plugins: [
    { ptype: 'multisort' }
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    This is my first plugin, and rather simple, but figured I would share it for feedback, and perhaps others might find it helpful.

    The goal of this plugin was to allow a grid to have multi-sorting...
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    This is a great extension.

    I would like to point out that the folks that are supporting this have been very responsive to questions, and integrating feedback. They have already included things...
  16. I ran into a similar requirement.

    My model has about 35 fields. These fields ultimately are to be displayed in the grid (every single one of them, even the ID's).

    You can certainly create a...
  17. To refresh a view it is ..

    resultList.getView().refresh() if I recall.

    or perhaps just resultList.refresh();

    Not sure if that is your issue however.
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    I have a store that is based on model; standard stuff.

    I am applying a filter to this store via

    store.filter({property: 'ID', value: '10'});

    This creates a post parameters of
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    Filtering on date fields do not respect the dateFormat of the filter definition.

    filter: { xtype: 'datefield', dateFormat: 'Y-m-d H:i:s' }

    I've made a change locally on my system so that...
  20. *bump*

    Looking for guidance as to how to handle this generically ...
  21. drats, i put this in the wrong forum :-(
  22. I've recently have run into an issue converting a legacy app's front-end and was looking for advice as to best practice or suggestions on how to solve it.

    The issue is that I have a table, which...
  23. I am having a problem with a model/store CRUD when the model is based off of a compound primary key.

    I did find a reference to this problem in previous versions of ExtJS...
  24. From what I understand, when a column is based on some type of lookup (like a combo), it is simply a column of a given type (ie gridcolumn, numbercolumn, or whatever), and the field: {} is given, and...
  25. So, after some help and direction from others, this is the override that fixes the issue for me. Note that since I do not writeAllFields, I didn't bother changing that area.

    * This...
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