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  1. actually i don't think we need the override ,

    this seems to be working mycombo.fireEvent('select',this,store.getAt(row));
  2. yeah .. got it animal B)
  3. i am really confused as to how to pass the index ,

    i am reading the field value "iresrv" and setting it:
    name of my store is,;
  4. thanks a lot animal .. i am putting this

    Ext.override(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
    setValue : function(v, fireSelect){
    var text = v;
    var r =...
  5. hey guys,

    i am in a precarious situation, certain fields within my form are dynamically created whenever someone selects a value from a combo box.Now i have a situation where i have to set the...
  6. thanks a lot tubamanu .. that really helped dude


  7. okie thanks :)
  8. yeah i knw that .. firebug says is not a function
  9. thanks .. but it says that YourStore.getStore() is not a function
  10. Hey Guys,

    I have a store as follows: = new{
    reader: new{
    fields: ...
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    thanks a lot dude ..

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    hey .. i am aware of the emptyText:'value' config option, however in my case i don't have a static value.. i have to get the value from the db.
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    Hey Guys,

    I have a form with some combo boxes within which i want to show some default values on load.i have used a store but with that the combo box shows the values only when it is selected and...
  14. doesn't anyone have any clue ??
  15. hey guys,

    i am trying to remove a combo box and a text box from my form based on the selection made by the user within the grid, also these combo boxes and text boxes are added dynamically .

  16. thanks a lot condor ))
  17. Hey Guys,

    Is it possible to display some form fields in a column and some as rows,

    when i change my form layout to 'column', the field labels get hidden and are not displayed :(

    Thanks and...
  18. this.form.on('beforeaction',function(){},this);

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    My wave id is : adibhagra,

  20. thanks a lot animal , seems like this would work , however i'm not sure as to how i'm supposed to use this override ,

    Ext.override(Ext.BoxComponent, {
    * Synchronizes the height...
  21. hey guys,

    i have a window with a form , certain form fields are generated dynamically based on selections made in combo : when i select yes within my combo box a new fieldset gets...
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    thanks a lot man , yeah man closeAction was actually hide
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    hey ,

    i've been trying to add a listener for the window close event , its like this :

  24. hey guys,

    i have a window that i would like to explode and implode like in this example :
    but i don't seem to find any config option to...
  25. thanks i get the point ..
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