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  1. In my app I would like smaller tablets to be treated as phones as well, because otherwise there is not enough room to show everything.

    For this to work, I need to specify where the CSS class...
  2. If you're looking to find the valid names you can use:


    sudo find ./sencha/resources/themes/stylesheets/sencha-touch/default/ -name *.scss

    Or just go to that directory and see for...
  3. Thank you! Helpful to know about the caching.
  4. It's quite annoying that I don't have a reference to the items I add to my config items of my view container.

    config: {
    items: [{
  5. Is it bad if I name my own events in my own app camelCase?

    maxHeightChange is easier to read than maxheightchange, just a minor annoyance :)
  6. Guides are out of date. Doesn't work at all on windows.

    Downloaded, extracted and tried 'sencha' giving me the lovely SDK not found error.

    Please update the guides.

    And also, please make a...
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