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    In the Clustered Chart example in the Kitchen Sink (, the chart is actually stacked. It would be great to see a...
  2. Is anyone at Sencha paying attention here!
  3. We are seeing the same problem. Has this issue been addressed?

    Using a normal column chart:
  4. Earlyster,

    I am still having the same problem as well!

    My Type Space view looks similar to what you have, but the "" is not there. It appears as though no matter what I try...
  5. Earlyster,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I do have the ExtJsTL-4.1.1 project added to the buildpath for my Test project. This morning I restarted from scratch and did a complete reinstall of Eclipse...
  6. Hi Loiane,

    Your screencast has been incredibly helpful and everything was working fine until I tried the code completion step in the Test.js file. I did not get any auto complete and had to...
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