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  1. Got it working. Added
    .x-grid-cell in css. Got this fromt he following link.

  2. I tried this but it's not working:

    viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: function(record, index) {
    if (record.get('stat') == "true")
  3. How to use this in Combo Box (paging enabled) ?
  4. Hi,

    This sounds little bit odd but this a requirement. I don't want to allow the check box to be checked on click of it's label. That means it can only be checked/unchecked by clicking the check...
  5. Hi,

    How to enable arrow keys i.e. down & up in this plugin. Lets say user type something in the combo box and press down arrow key so that the first record from the list should be selected & when...
  6. I'm using following code to cancel the loading of store:

  7. "me.doQueryTask.cancel();" is not cancelling the search request.

    Another problem, I wrote "me.doQueryTask.cancel();" on blur event to cancel the operation but it's not cancelling the request. I...
  8. Sadly it's not working :(
  9. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't work, it clear the data typed in combo box. How can I avoid it?

  10. Hey Mac_J,

    Lets assume that we have a combo box with queryMode = remote. If I type something in the combo box, it starts fetching the results matching the criteria. Let's assume that this takes a...
  11. thanks Mac_J :)
  12. What I mean is, when I'm typing something into the ComboBox, at some point if want to clear all the text that I typed then I want to use CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END keys to select all text and I will hit...
  13. First, it's a nice plugin. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Now, I have a small issue. HOME, CTRL+HOME, END, CTRL + END keys are not working when ComboBox is in expanded state. How can I make it...
  14. Using fit layout will hide the title bar? I'm also looking for a solution for hiding the chart panel's default title bar/tool bar.
  15. Hey, did you got any solution for this?
  16. Hi,

    What is the way to hide the title bar of Ext.chart.Panel (touch charts)? It occupies lots of space, I want to display the chart title in a div element having smaller font size.
  17. Hi,

    I followed the Portal example to create the same thing in my application. I got success to implement it but now I'm facing a very weird problem. In my page any Ext.MessageBox.confirm or alert...
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