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  1. Bump...
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    [gridObj].getView().focusRow([gridObj].getStore().getCount() - 1)

    Hope this helps :D
  3. Prior to updating to AIR version 1.5, I was able to use the introspector and throw Ext commands. I could, for example, use Ext and would get a return of the entire Ext instance. I could also do an...
  4. To get the debugger or "Introspector" console, simply add the AIRIntrospector.js file to your adobe folder for the project.

    Restart application.

    Press F12 and debug all you like :)
  5. I've looked through the API and searched the forums for a few days now and I cannot seem to find a way to validate an entry in an editor grid.

    The scenario is this. I've got a form with form data...
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    The Ext.sql stuff in the Ext-AIR.js? Yes sir, I have. Maybe I missed something. I will look at it again.
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    Hey gang

    I'm having some problems bridging the gap between AIR and Ext when it comes to pulling data from a local SQLite DB. There is nothing on the forums, that I can find, which discusses this....
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    That works great for the regex, yes. Unfortunately that is used for validation. I need a key filter, which would require either a listener or a maskRe be used. I'd prefer the latter if possible.
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    Thanks euchiyama. If it comes down to it I'll implement the listener.

    I was hoping I was just missing something with maskRe though, as that would be more elegant.
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    I've searched high and low on the forums here but to no avail!

    Using maskRe is there anyway to prevent the use of quotes? Particularly, double quotes. I've tried escaping them (ie. \") but...
  11. I would be careful here as it seems you may be working yourself out of a job. This framework will stand on it's own but it needs a developer who understands Javascript as well as the framework...
  12. I've run into the same problem. The problem is that you're/we're using a portlet which is draggable. The portlet is still a portlet object when maximized and thus aware of it's placement in...
  13. Disregard.

    My loadRecord call was off by 1 - I should have known the index for the store would start at zero!? LOL :))
  14. Unfortunately, I do not believe that to be the case. :(

    I'm using a renderTo config option. So, I believe the render takes place before the call is made. Visually that also seems to be the...
  15. After searching the forums for the last few days and trying several different things... I've finally broken down and decided to ask the question.

    How do I populate my formPanel (BasicForm) with...
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    That's pretty nifty!

    I would like to see white and black as possibilities. Perhaps a RGB entry option versus just the slider. Also, the ability to export just the theme and not need to copy my...
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    That works like a charm! Thanks Mystix!
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    Ever figure out the cause? I'm getting the same thing in IE 6.
  19. Use this in your grid config:

    loadMask: true
  20. Gracias Amigo! :))

    Seriously, I keep forgetting about jsLint. The comma fixed it.
  21. Hey gang

    I'm having trouble with IE6 loading a grid. There is an Ext toolbar on the same page and it loads/functions just fine. However, I don't see the grid at all. This works perfectly in...
  22. Ext 2.x or 1.x?

    I've got both at the house but only 2.x here at work. The stuff here at work doesn't save data either. So, I'll post code here for the version you need. Let me know.
  23. What part of the transaction are you having trouble with?
  24. @scorpioMan

    The theme is only going to be selected in one of two ways. Either via markup (HTML) or via client-side script. The method described above uses client-side script to change the theme...
  25. The Object[2], which shows the json structure (as an array basically), is created on the second console feed in this block:

    store.on('load',function() {
    console.log('Store loaded!');...
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